Svedka’s New Rosé Vodka Is Actually Made With Your Favorite Pink Wine

Courtesy of Svedka

While much of the country is covered in snow and battling freezing cold temperatures, there is a bright spot on the horizon. When you're all bundled up in your winter coat and half your face is covered with a scarf, it can be hard to even remember what spring and summer are like. Luckily, Svedka's Rosé Vodka is coming to rescue you from your winter blues. It's a great way to brighten up your next happy hour with friends. So, when does it get released? Well, you'll be sipping away your cold weather scaries before you know it.

According to BevNet, Svedka is gearing up to release its Rosé Vodka in February 2019. The exact release date of the 60-proof fruity vodka will vary depending on where you live. But, take heart because this one is coming soon. I don't know about you, but rosé is definitely a warm-weather drink that gives me some serious summer vibes. The fact that Svedka is rolling out Rosé Vodka during the second month of the year is music to my ears. The sooner it starts to feel like summer, the better, IMO.

I know what you're probably thinking, does this vodka actually taste like rosé? According to the product listing on Amazon, Svedka Vodka Rosé has flavors of pineapple and strawberry, followed by notes of hibiscus, and rosé wine. I haven't been given any indication that it doesn't. Given the fact that Svedka's Rosé Vodka is made with five percent rosé wine, I'd say it's the real deal as far as flavor goes.

Courtesy of Svedka

“Svedka is synonymous with breaking the mold in the vodka category and spearheading bold flavors that spark trends,” Carl Evans, Svedka Vodka’s vice president of brand marketing, said in a press release shared by BevNet. “Approaching the spring and summer months, we’re excited to launch Svedka Rosé, which aims to give both vodka and rosé fans a fresh take on their favorite drink. Its daring personality will come to life through an integrated national marketing effort that complements the brand’s ‘Bring Your Own Spirit’ platform, that debuted nationally in December 2018.”

Svedka's Rosé Vodka is packaged in a clear glass bottle with a rosé gold-colored lid. I love the simplicity of the bottle design, because it really shows off the drink's gorgeous pale pink color. It looks just like a glass of wine you might pour from your favorite bottle of rosé. Seriously, it's so pretty.

Per BevNet, Svedka's Rosé Vodka will be sold in five different sizes at a variety of suggested price points including:

  • 50 milliliters, $1.99
  • 375 milliliters, $6.99
  • 750 milliliters, $12.99
  • 1 liter, $16.99
  • 1.75 liters, $21.99

The rosé-flavored vodka will be available where other Svedka products are sold. I did a quick search and was able to locate the drink at Total Wine. It does not appear to be for sale in all Total Wine locations yet but check with your local shop soon. Total Wine appears to be selling the 750 milliliter bottle for $10.99. That's $2 less than the suggested retail price. If you're lucky, you might be able to find Svedka's Rosé Vodka already in stock at some stores. Total Wine appears to have "limited quantities" in stock at certain stores in California.

There are lot of ways you can enjoy Svedka's Rosé Vodka. One person blended the vodka with margarita mix. I think I'll start off by trying this one on the rocks. Cheers.