Supergoop's Genius New Sunscreens Double As Shimmery Eyeshadows & Dry Shampoo


By now, we all know how imperative it is to wear SPF daily. But what hasn't been ingrained in us is that even if we're applying it on our face, neck, arms, etc., we're still missing two places that are extremely susceptible to sun damage. Supergoop's Shimmershade and Poof sunscreens, which are specifically formulated for your eyelids and scalp/hair respectively, are launching today with the goal of ensuring no skin goes left unprotected. They're products that work hard for your health without feeling uncomfortable or impractical when applied, which represents Supergoop's mission to a T.

The brand was founded in 2007 by Holly Thaggard, who had felt compelled to learn more about sun exposure and the subsequent damage it causes after learning that her close friend was diagnosed with skin cancer. "Holly did her research and found that the number one reason people did not wear daily SPF was because it just didn’t feel good on their skin," Supergoop's website explains. And thus, the seedling of an idea for a new type of sunscreen was born. Thaggard set out to create an ace product unlike any of its predecessors—"A formula that felt so good, and was so good for you that even kiddos would want to wear it, and dermatologists would want to sing its praises." It received immense support upon its release and even won an AAD Golden Triangle Award along the way. From mists to lotions to mousses, Supergoop's product offerings have come a long way since then but what hasn't changed is their commitment to clean ingredients and game-changing products, the latest of which dropped today.

"For me, it's really all about, how do I get SPF onto everyone's skin every single day and make it a beautiful, luxurious experience?" explained Thaggard in an interview with Fashionista. "We think about innovative ways we can get that SPF into [consumers'] routines every single day. That's why I'm most excited about Shimmershade: The eyes are so vulnerable to sun damage, the skin is much thinner around the eye area and the lip area."


A glittery eyeshadow boasting SPF 30 coverage, Shimmershade is both protective and fun and certainly feels luxurious as far as sunscreens go. It glides on seamlessly with the swipe of a finger, promises not to flake or crease, and boasts all-day wear. In other words, it offers that same qualities as competing cream eyeshadows but with the added benefit of making sure you and your skin stay happy and healthy. What's not to love? Available in four metallic neutrals, Shimmershade is sold both in individual pot form ($24, and as a set of four ($96,


Next up is Supergoop's Poof Part Powder ($34,, which anyone who has ever suffered from a burnt scalp will tell you is a genius product. The brand describes it as a "not-greasy, translucent, virtually undetectable powder" that is "kind of like dry shampoo, only with UV protection." Spray it along your part, enjoy SPF 45 protection all day long, and never suffer from a flaky AF part again.