Steve Carell Is Starring In A New Netflix Series That's Basically 'The Office' In Space


If you are hungry for more The Office, then I have got some really good news for you. No, that long-rumored reboot is still not happening, but something just as awesome is: Steve Carell is re-teaming up with The Office's creator Greg Daniels for a brand new show on Netflix. And guess what — it is another workplace comedy! Yep, Steve Carell's Netflix show Space Force sounds just like The Office, except it has an out-of-this-world twist that makes it even funnier.

Netflix announced on Wednesday that it has ordered Steve Carell and Greg Daniels' new comedy Space Force straight to series. The show will be the first time that Carell and Daniels have worked together since The Office ended in 2013. Space Force is co-created by Carell and Daniels, who will both be showrunners for the upcoming series, and Carell will also star in the show as well. No other casting details have been revealed yet, so keep your fingers crossed that some Dunder-Mifflin alums might show up.

As the show's name suggests, Space Force is inspired by Donald Trump's order to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the United States military, which he delivered this past June. The proposed space force was widely mocked since the reasoning behind its creation was largely unexplained, and that confusion will be at the heart of this new show. Netflix released a short teaser video to announce Space Force, and the clip explained that the show will follow the team of government employees who are tasked with creating this space force. Check out the video below:

The concept for Space Force actually sounds like it is the perfect combination of Greg Daniels' two most iconic shows: It will be a workplace comedy starring Steve Carell like The Office, but it will be about government employees like Parks and Recreation. Of course, it sounds like Space Force will be dealing with some more pressing, actual current events in the political realm than either of those prior sitcoms, since it is based on a real presidential order. Donald Trump may actually be a character in Space Force, or at the very least exist in the world of the show.

Space Force will mark Steve Carell's first TV role since playing Michael Scott on The Office. Though he became a household name as a comic actor because of The Office, Carell has been focusing on dramatic film roles for the past several years. In 2018, he starred in three big-screen dramas: Beautiful Boy, Vice, and Welcome to Marwen. Carell is also preparing for another upcoming TV role as the male lead on Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston's upcoming Apple series Top of the Morning.

Picking up Space Force was probably a no-brainer for Netflix. It was recently widely reported that The Office is Netflix's most watched show, after the streamer acquired the series a few years back, so of course Netflix would jump on board another Steve Carell-Greg Daniels comedy. Space Force does not have a premiere date yet, but the Netflix teaser promises that it is coming soon.