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Stella Hudgens Is "Trying New Things," Starting With A Snapchat Series

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Stella Hudgens is gearing up for a big 2020. The actor — and younger sister to Vanessa Hudgens — is known for posting fire content on Instagram, and now she's bringing a different kind of entertainment to social media. On Jan. 11, Stella Hudgens' Snapchat series Players launched its first season, marking her first acting role in three years. And she promises there's a lot more for her on the horizon.

Players follows high school basketball star Nash Brooks (Micah Moore), the son of an NBA legend who moves from Indiana to Los Angeles when his dad gets traded. As Nash has to prove himself as an athlete to his new peers, Hudgens' character Niki is a fellow student who is desperately pursuing a love connection with him.

Hudgens is excited for fans to watch Niki's "genuine and compassionate moments" as her character develops. "She's not just a one-sided person. She definitely has a bunch of different colors to her, so that was fun to see. As the show comes out you will see how she evolves as a person," Hudgens explains, adding: "I could see parts of myself in her."

This description of Niki might bring to mind another basketball girlfriend played by a Hudgens gal, but this is no High School Musical. "My character kind of comes in and she’s kind of just this wild child ... She has a big crush on [Brooks] and there’s a lot of twists and turns that come along in their relationship," Hudgens tells Elite Daily. "She knows what she wants and she knows what she doesn't, and she doesn't like anyone stopping her."

Hudgens says Vanessa has been super supportive of Players, but in, like, a totally laid-back, cool older sister sort of way. "She was very excited for me ... Rather than offering up advice to each other, we always kind of let each other know that we’re there for each other and that we support each other," she explains.

Hudgens hints she has a number of exciting things coming up after Players, but can't reveal the details just yet, saying fans will have to watch out for official announcements on her Instagram. "I'm really excited about this year. It's a new decade and it feels very appropriate ... I'm taking kind of different turns and trying different aspects of the entertainment side of my career."

Players Season 1 is available now on Snapchat.