Watch These Four Astrologically Compatible Dates & Try Not To Swoon

Elite Daily

Does astrology hold the key to a sizzling first date? That's the premise behind Starcrossed, Elite Daily's dating astrology show. Each episode follows a dater as they meet up with four astrologically compatible matches and watch sparks fly — or not. Even if you're skeptical about the stars' influence on your dating life, it's hard not to become a full believer after watching these dates go down.

In Episode Two, Gabrielle — a singer, writer, TSA agent, and textbook Scorpio — speed-dates four matches. She exchanges flirty banter with Marcus, a fellow confident and intense Scorpio, then talks about auras and first impressions with Owen, a sensual and grounded Taurus. She debates the importance of age in relationships with Jason, a dominant and generous Leo (he's 25, she's 30), and bonds over a mutual love of music with Brandon, a loyal and kind Virgo.

I won't spoil which suitor Gabrielle has the most chemistry with, but I will tell you that watching their date feels like spying on the set of a rom-com. And lest you think that a sex-driven Scorpio could click with just about anyone, Gabrielle and her dates explore why that tired stereotype about people born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21 isn't always accurate. (#JusticeForScorpios.)

Out of her four dates, Gabrielle sees two as potential friends, and seems excited about the prospect of a real date with one guy. Ultimately, the person she feels most drawn to makes a lot of astrological sense. Their signs make a powerful match. Call it luck or fate, but you can't deny these two are seriously adorable together.