Fans Think Sophie Called Out This Celeb For Not Taking Social Distancing Seriously

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As the coronavirus pandemic has required people all around the world to self-quarantine in their homes to slow the spread of the virus, many celebrities have been vocal about the importance of social distancing. Evangeline Lilly, however, is not one of them. After Lilly sparked criticism for her "business as usual" remarks, Sophie Turner expressed her complete opposite opinion. Sophie Turner's Instagram about taking social distancing seriously may be directed at Lilly.

While millions of people were preparing to go into self-quarantine on March 17, Lilly shared a post about her kids that caused a lot of backlash.

"Just dropped my kids off at gymnastics camp. They all washed their hands before going in. They are playing and laughing," Lilly captioned an Instagram post with the hashtag "#businessasusual."

In response to one commenter who shared their disapproval, Lilly further shared:

Where we are right now feels a lot too close to Marshall Law [sic] for my comfort already, all in the name of a respiratory flu. It’s unnerving….

Adding more fuel to the fire, Lilly wrote: "I have two young kids. Some people value their lives over freedom, some people value freedom over their lives. We all make our choices."

On Friday, March 20, it was Turner's turn to share her feelings about the pandemic, and she did not hold back.

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"Stay inside. Don’t be f*cking stupid," Turner said during an Instagram Live Q&A. "Even if you count your 'freedom over ... your health.' I don’t give a f*ck about your freedom. You could be infecting other people, other vulnerable people around you by doing this. So stay inside guys! It’s not cool, it’s not big, and it’s not clever… And that’s the tea."

Though Turner didn't mention Lilly by name, many fans were quick to assume that her message was directed at her. See the video below.

Whether Turner was directing her message at Lilly or not, it's clear now where Turner stands when it comes to the importance of social distancing.

If you think you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus, which include fever, shortness of breath, and cough, call your doctor before going to get tested. If you’re anxious about the virus’s spread in your community, visit the CDC for up-to-date information and resources, or seek out mental health support. You can find all Elite Daily's coverage of coronavirus here.