This Giant Oreo Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich From Sonic Will Be Your Late Night Dessert Fix

Courtesy of Sonic

While I'm happy to scream for ice cream all 365 days of the year, I will admit that there's something special about savoring the sweet snack during the warmer months of the year. Now, with April just around the corner, Sonic is giving customers just one more way to get their fix with a menu offering that'll have you reminiscing about summers as a kid. Prepare for serving of nostalgia along with your treat, because Sonic's Oreo Real Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich is a tasty update on the childhood summer staple — And TBH, my tastebuds are so here for it.

Starting on Monday, April 1 through August, Sonic is bringing the ultimate ice cream party to customers with the addition of their latest Oreo-infused treat: An Oreo Real Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, which is basically just what it sounds like. These bad boys feature two three-inch Oreo biscuits that are held together with a thick, creamy layer of 100 percent real vanilla ice cream, making it a delicious upgrade on the ice cream sandwiches that you know and you love from your childhood. Some of my fondest summer memories as a kid revolved around getting an ice cream sandwich after swimming at the pool, and Sonic's latest goodies look like they're keeping that winning formula while upping the ante with the addition of massive Oreos.

There's also a chocolate chip cookie version of the patio season-ready treat if that's more up your ally. The Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich is pretty similar to the Oreo one, except that the chocolate wafers are replaced by two big chocolate chip cookies.

Courtesy of Sonic

Again, both of these goodies will be available at Sonic locations starting on April 1 (and no, this is thankfully not a April Fool's joke), according to a Sonic spokesperson. In addition, the company confirmed that the treats will only be available for a limited time through August and that they'll be retailing for $1.99 at participating locations during the day.

Meanwhile, customers looking to get their late night Oreo and ice cream cravings handled can expect a sweet surprise. After 8 p.m. all summer long, Sonic locations will reportedly be selling both of these ice cream sandwiches for just $1.49, making it a tasty (and more affordable) alternative to your go-to pint of Cookies 'n Cream or a sleeve of Oreos.

ICYMI, the fast food chain has been killing it in the Oreo department recently, so I'd recommend checking out some of their other offerings while you're there. In February, Sonic revealed that it was bringing back its Double Stuf Oreo Waffle cone (a mouthwatering mixture of Oreo wafer chunks, sweet creme filling, and Sonic ice cream served in a chocolate cookie waffle cone drizzled with sweet Oreo cream) for a limited time, as well as a milkshake version of this bad boy, which it dubbed the Double Stuf Oreo Blast. Plus, who can forget the golden fried Oreos that Sonic debuted back in January?

It's just further proof that Sonic can do no wrong when it comes to their Oreo creations, and the countdown to April couldn't come any faster.