This Kanye West & Donald Trump ‘SNL’ Sketch Featured These WTF Moments From Their Meeting


On Saturday, Oct. 13, Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump to capture one of the most contentious and confusing White House meetings this week: the president's Oval Office conversation with rapper-turned-MAGA warrior, Kanye West. With Chris Redd playing the "Gold Digger" hitmaker, SNL's Kanye West and Donald Trump sketch captured the weirdest, most bizarre, and just all-around WTF moments from their meeting during the show's epic cold open. There was hugging, Yeezys, professions of love, and references to "male energy," and it's a lot.

To kick off their face-to-face, Baldwin as Trump thanked West for gifting him a pair of Yeezy kicks. "Kanye, I want to thank you for giving me a pair of your sneakers," Trump gushed. "They're perfect for me because they're white, they're wide and they're never gonna be worth as much as you say they are."

That's when Redd's version of Kanye decided to go on an escalated version of the rambling speech that West delivered at the White House IRL. During the course of the long-winded diatribe, he spewed theories about alternate universes, Chicago, and the Unabomber — all while claiming that he flew to the White House with the "power" of his MAGA hat (which references West's actual claim that wearing the hat makes him feel like Superman and gives him "power in a way"). Unlike Trump's inscrutable reaction to West's monologue in real life, however, the audience was treated to the president's inner-most thoughts during the sketch through a voiceover.

While Redd's West rambled on, Trump became more and more concerned and started thinking to himself, "Oh, this guy might be cuckoo. I was in a room with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un and they made a lot more sense than him."

He continued, "This guy makes Brett Kavanaugh seem cool and collected.”

However, as Redd's West continued to speak and dubbed himself a "stable genius," Baldwin as Trump was more favorable as he realized who the rapper reminded him of: himself.

"He doesn't stop. He doesn't listen to anyone but himself. Who does he remind me of?" Baldwin wondered aloud to himself before the realization hit. "Oh my god, he's black me!"

Wrapping up his speech, Redd as West said, "So in conclusion, 13th Amendment, Chi-Raq, trap doors lead to the Unabomber, male energy, Trump is my dad, Hillary [Clinton]'s a woman and the media needs to start making this President look good." He then hugged the president and called him "dad," a reference to West's statement at the Oval Office that he sees Trump as a father figure. Elite Daily reached out to West's team for clarification on his comments at the time, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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While he didn't call West his son per se, Baldwin's Trump enthusiastically returned the love. "I love you Kanye, we have a lot more in common than people know," he said. "We’re both geniuses, we’re both married to beautiful women and we’ve both definitely been recorded saying the n-word."

Honestly, it's all a lot to process and the sketch toes the line between comedy and hitting just a little too close to home. Considering that YE has now returned to Twitter with a post on mind control, I just waiting for both him and Trump to take to their social media platform of choice to air their thoughts on the whole thing.