Snapchat's New Time Machine Lens allows you to change your age in less than a minutes with a slider.

This Snapchat Lens Will Age You 80 Years In Just A Few Seconds

Courtesy of Snapchat

Get ready to waste some more time on Snapchat, because the app just released a Lens that combines two already-popular face filters. Snapchat's new Time Machine Lens lets you virtually "change" your age in seconds by swiping a slider between a filter that makes you look like a baby and one that makes you look like you've aged decades. Snapchat already has a "Baby" Lens that makes you look like a young tot and a "Grandparent" Lens to gray your hair, but the app didn't have both combined in one filter until now.

On Thursday, Nov. 21, Snapchat released its new Time Machine Lens, which uses a slider to change your age — and therefore, your appearance — at lightning speed. Switching from infant to octogenarian in a second, you'll be able to create some hilarious vids. TBH, the new feature will probably be flooding your BFFs' Snap Stories very soon, so you're going to want to know how to use it, too.

How To Find & Use Snapchat's New Time Machine Lens

  1. Make sure you have Snapchat on your iOS or Android device and that it is updated.
  2. Open the app.
  3. In the camera (main screen) click the Lenses Carousel by tapping the screen or clicking the Smiley Button.
  4. Locate the Time Machine Lens in the carousel (you will see an icon with a baby and an older face side by side).
  5. Choose your front-facing or rear-facing camera, as it works with both.
  6. Center your face (or someone else's).
  7. Swipe the slider left or right. Left makes you appear younger, while the right will speed up the clock.
  8. Take a picture or video by clicking or holding.
  9. Send to friends, upload to your Story, save it to your Memories, or save to your phone's gallery.
Courtesy of Snapchat

According to a Snapchat spokesperson, "more than 70% daily active users play with or view Lenses every day to transform the way they look [and] augment the world around them." With the new Time Machine Lens, you can combine two of the filters that drastically alter your look. Of course, while you can snap photos with the new Lens, a video will really show off exactly how much this app changes your features.