Here’s How To Sleep Over Your SO’s Family’s House Without Being Awk

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When you're dating someone you care about, it's totally natural to want to snuggle up with them every night and wake up together every morning. But when your partner still happens to live at home with their parents, that can get a little tricky, to say the least. Is sleeping over your partner's family’s house even really an option? Or is it just too awkward? This is a question that is becoming increasingly more common, Lisa Concepcion, certified dating and relationship expert and founder of LoveQuest Coaching, tells Elite Daily. "[In] a time, especially now where student loans are crushing people, [it’s] common for adult kids to move back in with their parents," says Concepcion. Given that, how do you navigate sleepovers under the same roof as your SO's parents? Especially without things being weird over breakfast.

The first question to ask yourself is if it's actually really necessary to sleep over at their place, says life coach Nina Rubin. "If you live alone or with peer roommates, it is probably easier to stay at your own place," Rubin tells Elite Daily. So, if you can't avoid sleeping at your partner's place, her advice is to do so sparingly. "The reasons to stay over may be logistical: near an event or late at night. [But] it’s best not to make a habit of staying at my parents’ house," she says.

Some couples, however, don't have that option, so in that scenario there are things the experts say you can do to make staying the night more comfortable for everyone. It really all comes down to being respectful of the parents and of the home itself, says Rubin. "Acknowledge the parents and make conversation when you see each other. Don’t avoid them or be awkward. Make sure your partner remembers the rules of the house and you learn them also. If the house is a shoes-off zone, follow suit," she explains.

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It's also good to be a tidy and helpful overnight guest, says Concepcion. "The etiquette is to be respectful and incredibly neat. You want to make sure towels aren't left on the floor or on the bed, any cups, food, trash of any kind is handled," she advises. "Pitch in wherever possible be part of the family and don't just hunker down in a room. Make an effort to learn to cook, help out with anything and make it more about spending time together."

As for sex in the house, Concepcion advises to chose your timing wisely. "Sex while the parents are home is off the table. However, if you want to have quickie sex while the parents step out, be certain there's no chance of getting caught," she says.

Depending on how the home is set up, Rubin takes a more relaxed approach to getting it on at the parents' house. "If your significant other has a back house or apartment, staying there isn’t really a problem. If it’s the childhood bedroom next to the parents’ room, you may feel uncomfortable in the morning," says Rubin.

Ultimately, the experts agree that while sleeping over at your SO's parents' place can be a little tricky, it can really be no big deal as long as you are respectful of the whole family, friendly, and polite. So, go on and get your overnight snuggle on.

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