6 People Reveal How Much They Care About Your Zodiac Sign In Your Dating App Bio

The talk around zodiac signs is downright polarizing. When I tell people I'm a Scorpio, I get either blank looks or horrified stares. (Justice for Scorpios, OK?) The consensus for zodiac talk in dating is similarly split. If you find you're passionate about the stars, and want to share your zodiac identity with potential matches, it may backfire against you in a way you hadn't anticipated. People can think you're too invested in destiny, or think you will write them off if their sign isn't compatible with yours. So, should you put your zodiac sign in your dating app profile?

I personally am all for it. The more information, the better, and if they know I'm a Scorpio, maybe they'll make a joke about how we're destined to be together. I'm a fan.

I talked to several Millennials about their experiences with zodiac signs in dating profiles. Generally speaking from my sample, women appreciated knowing about a potential partner's horoscope more often than men. See what they all had to say.

"I’m always hesitant to swipe right on someone with their zodiac sign in their profile, because I’m not someone who takes it seriously and that seems to upset people," says Landon, 25. "I try to avoid the topic, if possible. I personally don’t think zodiac signs dictate who we are as people. I don’t care if other people do, but it usually upsets people when I say I don’t believe in it."

Like Landon, Hannah, 24, had a date who wasn't interested in astrology. But he acted like he was.

"I once dated a guy who revealed that he only pretended to care about what I was saying about astrology the night we first met because he didn't want to hurt my feelings, but internally, he was thinking, 'This is so boring and dumb,'" said Hannah.

Zack, 23, would rather not see a star sign on a dating app bio – but only because he'd rather ask on the date. He asks his dates their zodiac sign, telling them he's asking just to tell his mom about their sign. "I understand from The Bachelor that it is a plus for a guy to be close with his family so I may as well leverage it," Zack says.

Some avoid the recipe for conflict altogether by not broaching the topic on a first date, despite seeing a star sign on that person's profile.

Evan, 24, follows the above strategy. "It’s a 'run for the hills' sign for me honestly," he said. "Anyone can offer their zodiac sign – I’d rather see a joke or something unique about you. For some reason to me it screams overly romantic, like the girl is betting the stars are going to align and we are going to get married."

Sarah, 21, believes zodiac signs do have some truth to them, but also wouldn't discuss it on the first date. She said she'd mention it a few dates in, mentioning their zodiac compatibility.

“I think it would only be useful if I wanted to make a joke about it or use it as a conversation starter," said Nicole, 23. "I don’t think I’ve actually ever thought it would deter or help a relationship. That being said I always look up my compatibility with someone I’m dating.”

"Everyone is against us, but we will succeed," Nicole said if a date's star sign is incompatible with hers. "Like we’re in 8 Mile or something."

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