9 Women Share What Happened After They Pushed Their Partners Into Marriage

What do you do if you're totally in love with your partner but the two of you just don't seem to be on the same timeline when it comes to marriage? In other words, what do you do if you're ready to get married and your partner doesn't seem to be in any rush to drop down on one knee? Should you push him or her to propose? Well, before you make any decisions, check out what happened when these women pushed their partners to get married.

He married her... but then they got divorced later in her life.
Don't try to convince someone to marry you, unless you want to be divorced later in life, when your chances of finding a good spouse are greatly diminished, like it happened to me!


She was so focused on getting married that she missed all of the red flags in their relationship.
I spent three years dropping hints about getting engaged, only to realise once he actually proposed that I'd been so focused on getting married, I'd been ignoring lots of red flags. Without the distraction of trying to talk him into settling down, I was free to see all the incompatibilities between us. Called it off and am very, very glad I did.


She pushed him a little bit and they've been happy ever since.
I wouldn't say fight/argue, but there was a bit of a push. We had already agreed to get married. We set a time frame down on when this would happen. It was never the right time. About a year after that time frame, I made it very clear that it needed to happen soon. Been happily married 7 years.


She credits the little push she gave to her happy 25-year-long marriage.
We didn't fight/argue but I definitely gave him a bit of a push.He was comfortable and doesn't like change. He would have been happy to maintain the status quo so I had to advocate for what I wanted. I have always been the go getter in the partnership.25 years later I think it worked out ok? /s😁


After being engaged for five years, she's currently pushing him to make the walk down the aisle.
Not fighting about it, but definitely pushing for us to just go to the courthouse already. We’ve been engaged for almost 5 years and have kind of hit the point where we’re just comfortable and don’t necessarily need marriage. I would be totally ok with that too, but I’m about to get kicked off of my parents insurance and his work has AMAZING insurance and benefits, so I feel like it would benefit us both to just go for it already on that aspect


Pushing him negatively affected the first few years of their marriage, but they got through it with therapy.
We are doing well now. 19 years of marriage! He basically didn't really like the idea of getting married, but he wanted to be date me. I gave him an ultimatum. He agreed to marriage. He was sort of passive aggressive in our marriage for years. We both got counseling, and now we are happy. But, it has been a long road, not sure I would recommend it to others.


They had to work through some issues but they're OK now.
We've been married 2 years now. There were definitely some issues to work through. In the end, we both wanted to be with each other. I'm not going to pretend we are ridiculously happy and that we will 100% be together 5eva. But we support each other good times or not. We are best friends who want to see each other every day. As long as that holds out we're fine.


She believes that she gave him the prodding he needed.
My husband needed prodding. He was afraid of how it would change our lives (he's autistic). We are going through hard times still but are starting to get into a better place... Being giving doesn't come naturally to him.I really think the reason for the delay matters. We have friends who are deadlocked over engagement; he's concerned about their differences relating to kids and emotional stability. She keeps pushing, and he keeps telling her they need a counselor.


Their advice? Do what feels natural for you and for your relationship. There's no one right solution for everyone.