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Shawn Mendes' 'In Wonder' Trailer Is Way More Dramatic Than I Expected

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Shawn Mendes fans have a lot to be excited about. Following the announcement he has a new album, Wonder, on the way, Mendes revealed also has a documentary film coming for fans. Shawn Mendes' In Wonder documentary film is set to hit Netflix on Nov. 23, and from what we know so far, it's going to bring fans closer to him than ever before. With the film arriving just two weeks ahead of the album, fans are about to be very blessed.

The feature-length documentary will take fans on a journey back in time, looking back at his most intimate moments over the last few years. It's slated to feature footage from his 2019 world tour, and is being directed by Grant Singer.

The news of Mendes' Netflix venture arrived just about a week after he debuted the official music video for the album's lead single. The "Wonder" music video hit the internet on Oct. 1, and showed the singer taking a whimsical, dance-filled journey through the forest before dancing on a bluff by the ocean. If the cinematic clip was any indication of what's to come, Mendes' new film won't disappoint. More details about Mendes' new documentary are arriving every day, so here's everything fans should know.

Shawn Mendes' In Wonder Poster

Netflix shared the official poster for Mendes' forthcoming documentary film on Oct. 13.


Shawn Mendes' In Wonder Trailer

Fans got a taste of what they can expect from Mendes' In Wonder film on Oct. 20 when Netflix released the first official trailer. The clip opens with a shot of Mendes in the shower, instantly pointing to the intimate nature of the film. Throughout the two-and-a-half-minute clip, Mendes opens up about how his celebrity lifestyle and grueling touring schedule took a toll on his mental health and how he worked through it.

Shawn Mendes' In Wonder Synopsis

Judging from the In Wonder trailer, Mendes' documentary will take fans on a behind-the-scenes journey of his life, including footage from his early childhood, to his biggest on-stage moments. In the trailer, Mendes showed his vulnerable side, asking, "If I tell the world that I'm just a normal human, are they going to stop coming to the shows?"

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Shawn Mendes' In Wonder Release Date

Mendes' In Wonder documentary film is slated to arrive on Nov. 23.

While, at first, Mendes was cryptic about what fans could expect from his Wonder era, he eventually dropped more details. In his official Wonder album trailer, he gave them a glimpse at the official tracklist for the record, revealing fans can expect a total of 13 songs, including one with a "special guest."

The pop singer couldn't be more excited about his new chapter.

"#WONDER The Single October 2nd, The Album December 4th, pre-order & pre-save now. link in bio," he wrote on Instagram on Sept. 30. "I hope you can all listen front to back," he said in a handwritten letter also shared in the post.

It's been two years since Mendes released his last album in May 2018, and it sounds like he's ready for his most magical chapter yet.

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