Shake Shack's New Tiramisu Shake With Coffee & Mascarpone Is Basically Dessert In A Cup

We're all just a few days into 2019, but Shake Shack's latest creation is already coming for your New Year's resolutions. If you're mourning the end of Christmas Cookie Shake season, Shake Shack's new Tiramisu Shake for January 2019 is pretty much guaranteed to lift your spirits and put your taste buds in seventh heaven. Say goodbye to those holiday treat withdrawals, because this mascarpone and cocoa powder-laced confection might just be the company's best experiment yet.

On Friday, Jan. r, the burger retailer put the internet into a sugar frenzy when it revealed on Instagram that a milkshake fashioned after everyone's favorite Italian dessert is coming your way for the month of January. If this news isn't already making your drool and cancel all your lunch and dinner plans for the foreseeable future, Shake Shake also included a photo of the bad boys with this tantalizing description:

2019 is off to a sweet start! Layer up through the end of January with our newest Featured Shake flavor: Tiramisu (a blend of mascarpone, coffee + vanilla frozen custard topped with amaretti cookie crumbs + a dusting of cocoa powder). Trust us, you don’t want to tira-miss this…

I mean, you had me at mascarpone and coffee, but the cocoa powder is just the sweetest icing on the whole thing. According to the Daily Meal, a Shake Shack spokesperson said the new dessert has been on menus since Jan. 2, which means shake devotees can start 2019 on the sweetest note.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter has some serious ~feelings~ about the announcement, because this is the absolute best slash worst timing for the beverage's debut, depending on your New Year's resolutions.

My favorite comment? Instagram user @leahzeigler writing, "Y’all are so DISRESPECTFUL with this!!!!!!"

If you're wondering if the Tiramisu-inspired sips live up to the real-life version you'd get served at a restaurant, one Twitter user has your answer.

Needless to say, it's probably delicious, and you should be running, not walking, to your nearest Shake Shack and keeping some of that Christmas spirit going through the end of January. If you've been struggling to wean yourself off of that all-Shake Shack Christmas Cookie Shake diet that has kept you on a perpetual sugar high the last couple of months, consider this the answer to all your prayers.

TBH, I had pretty low expectations for the year after Shake Shack's trio of holiday confections — The cult-favorite Christmas Cookie, as well as the new Chocolate Peppermint and White Mocha Shakes — made their exit on Wednesday, Jan. 2. My taste buds had gotten so spoiled with the flavors of sugar cookie frozen custard, whipped cream, crumbled shortbread, and red and green sprinkles in milkshake form, and the month of January looked like it was shaping up to be pretty bleak on the treats front until the shake gods decided to bring us this gem on the same day.

I'm all about living my best life and getting rid of any unnecessary negativity this year, so I'm saying "Thank u, next" to my 2019 New Year's resolutions, and hello to this totally crave-worthy Tiramisu Shake.