Scotty Sire Explains How Vlog Squad Fame Led Him To A New Passion: Music

Courtesy of Tien Nguyen

Fans may know Scotty Sire mainly for his shenanigans as part of the Vlog Squad, but it's time they get to know him for his other great passion: music. Thanks to his success as a vlogger, and the friends he made along the way as a YouTuber and (former) Viner, Sire has a huge support system when it comes to navigating his way through the music industry. Actually, Scotty Sire's Vlog Squad fame helped him discover his love for music in the first place.

Sire teamed up with David Dobrik, Toddy Smith, Gabbie Hanna, and other influencers to create short Vine videos in 2014. After Vine went bust in late 2016, they turned to posting longer-form content on YouTube. Little did Sire know, those videos would ultimately grow his fanbase — and open the door to more opportunity.

It was actually a fellow YouTuber who helped Sire get his start in music. "The transition [from vlogging to music] just came from a friend in the YouTube-slash-music space hitting me up and saying, 'Hey, do you want to make a song for fun?'" he tells Elite Daily. "And we made a song for fun, and I really enjoyed it. So I just kept doing it." That spur-of-the-moment collab was "Sad Song" with 80Fitz. The February 2017 release now has over 15 million views on YouTube.

Since then, Sire has steadily released music, starting with his debut album, Ruin Your Party, in 2018. While Sire continues on his music-making journey, he's thankful for the constant support of his Vlog Squad pals. Sire's friends, like Dobrik and Smith, often appear in his music videos, and he even went on tour with Smith.

"I don't think that I would be able to do it by myself," he says. "The fact that I have the support of my friends means the world because no one wants to do anything all by themselves ... it's cool to have people in my corner, backing me up and hoping that I succeed."

Sire knows he couldn't do it without his fans, either. "My following on YouTube and the people who support my YouTube videos are the reason my music is successful," he explains.

Meeting fans IRL during his 2019 U.S. world tour gave Sire's work a whole new meaning. "It's fun to see what I'm doing on the internet translate into like, real-life people and being able to meet them," he says. "I get to meet people who have tattoos of song lyrics and singing along to every song. I think my greatest accomplishment is being able to witness how what I'm doing affects people."

Sire dropped his latest track, "Don't Be Sad," on July 8. The song is a powerful anthem for fans working on their mental health. "A lot of my music is about social anxiety and not feeling like the happiest person alive all the time," Sire says. "And the fact that it's OK to be sad sometimes."

All of the support Sire gets from his fans and friends inspires him to keep going. "I have seven or so songs that I'm working on, and I'm trying to figure out if that's going to be single releases or some sort of album," Sire shares. "I've also been in conversation with a couple labels potentially to sign with working on videos."

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