Watch Scott Legit Tell Kourt He’d Marry Her “Right Now”

by Candice Jalili
David Becker/WireImage/Getty Images

Nothing like a clip of Scott Disick telling Kourtney Kardashian he'd marry her "right now" to make you think you might have accidentally fallen into a time portal and landed in 2007, amiright? Well, rest assured you have not fallen into a time portal. It's 2021 and the final season of Keeping Up With Kardashians is still teasing fans with the hope of a reconciliation between the two exes.

Scott's bold proclamation came during a family dinner when Kim Kardashian West asked the duo point-blank, "Kourtney and Scott, so when are you guys gonna get back together?" There was a brief awkward silence around the table until Scott answered, "Wherever Kourt stands, I stand with her. Forever." Kourtney kept things more vague, simply telling her ex, "That's nice."

The exchange was enough to get Kim so excited that she suggested ending their final season with a "Kourtney-Scott wedding." Needless to say, momager Kris Jenner was majorly on board. "Scott, if you could just bring it within yourself to go over there and get on one knee, propose, we'll have the wedding," she urged. "It'll be amazing. Make my daughter respectable."

Scott was very much down. "Well, I love you and I'm ready to marry you. Right here, right now," he told Kourtney before informing the rest of the table, "Kourtney knows that eventually we'll get married and live a good life."

And here's the best part. Kourtney didn't necessarily deny Scott's bold claim. She responded to what he said by quietly adding, "Or when you want to work on yourself."

Scott seemed open to doing the work, asking Kourtney "what else" he has to do. "I would love to know what I can do," he said.

The teaser ended on that note, so you'll have to tune into the 20th season of ˆKeeping Up With The Kardashians in March to find out what, exactly, Kourtney needs from Scott.

That said, if you're on the market for spoilers, I'm going to go ahead and guess the season doesn't actually end with the two tying the knot. I don't mean to slash your hopes and dreams... it's just that, as of now, Scott is rumored to be dating Amelia Gray Hamlin and Kourtney is rumored to be dating Travis Barker. But who (other than Kris Jenner) knows what the future holds?