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Sarah Hyland Responds On Twitter To "Naked" Instagram Photo With Wells Adams


Sarah Hyland and her new beau Wells Adams have been living the good life, sharing hilarious Halloween photos and cute pics on Instagram. However, it looks like not everyone is happy with her latest posts. Sarah Hyland's response on Twitter to "being naked" on Instagram with Wells Adams can teach us all a thing or two about how to deal with drama. Haters are always gonna hate.

On Nov. 13, Hyland shared an adorable pic in bed with her Bachelorette-alum boo and their super sweet looking pooch. In the pic, Adams plays big spoon, Hyland is middle spoon, and the furry pup is little spoon.

People who have nothing better to do than hate on celebrities left comments suggesting the image was too intimate to be shared on social media. According to Hyland's response, she also got some heat for appearing to be naked in the photo. (Adams is definitely shirtless, but it's unclear what's up with Hyland's attire.)

Here's the pic.

Hyland posted a lengthy response on Twitter.

She opened up with, "Hey guysssss. I’m explaining myself again! Aren’t you so happy???? Isn’t this what Twitter is for???"

Next came a series of screenshots, and the following message:

What followed was a screenshot of a direct message on Instagram. It said,

That did not sit too well with Hyland. She continued,

WOO. Well said, girl. You'd think it would end there because hell yes and amen, but Hyland had one final thought:

We also love a good clapback, Sarah. Thank you.

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