This Floating Beer Pong Table Is Perfect For Your Summer Parties

As you know, summer parties are a ton of fun. The sun is shining, the temps are warm, and the grill is full. Not to mention, brews are flowing (if you're over 21, of course), and the pool is officially open. Those are the good times, if you ask me. If you also love relaxing at summer parties (or just hanging out by the pool), then you'll be stoked to hear about Sam's Club's floating Hydrapong. It's basically a floating beer pong table, which means it's a must-have for your future summer gatherings. That's right, y'all: Set your pool floats aside and get ready for a game.

Before I dive into details (no pun intended), I want to make a few things clear. For starters, Sam's Club doesn't mention beer (or any type of alcohol, for that matter) on its webpage for the Hydrapong. Instead, the product is called a "floating table" — but the photos provided do show red cups and ping pong balls. The formation of those cups also replicate the layout of a typical beer pong table, so I'm just putting two and two together.

Now that I've gotten those details out of the way, I can talk about the table itself.

Sam's Club

According to Sam's Club, the Hydropong floating table is teal on one side and yellow on the other. (That's convenient if you want to switch up the mood in between games, don't you think?) Anyway, the entire table is 72 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick. With that being said, you might want to make sure there's enough room in your pool before you go ahead and buy it. If there isn't, you can always take a few floats out during the games and then put 'em back in when you're done playing for the day.

Speaking of buying it, you're probably wondering how much money the Hydropong costs. According to Sam's Club, the entire floating table costs $57.98. However, if you're planning on using it with friends throughout the entire summer, maybe you can split the cost amongst everyone. That way, you'll be spending less money, and everyone will have a chance to use the table whenever they need it. (You never know how many barbecues you'll be invited to during summer, am I right?)

Sam's Club

Like I said, only those of you who at least 21 years old can use this floating table to play beer pong (because that's the law, guys). If you aren't 21 years old yet, don't fret. There are literally tons of other pool floats that you can take advantage of this summer. For instance, check out Sam's Club's floating picnic table. In my opinion, it's perfect for summer lunches on the lake with your friends. If you guys would rather hang out on an actual pool float together, you can check out these Party Island Floats at Sam's Club. Each one fits six people, which means your entire crew will have a place to chill on the water.

As you can see, you still have a lot of pool float options to choose from for summer 2019, whether you're planning on playing games in the water or relaxing in the sun.