These Single-Serve Pickle Packs Will Be Your New Fave Snack

Anyone who knows me at all is most likely aware of my strong affinity for pickles. For real — no cucumber soaked in brine is safe in my presence. And the perfect snack for every road trip, movie night, and picnic in the park, Sam's Club's Dilly Bites Single-Serve Pickle Packs, are finally here. They are truly the ultimate nosh for a pickle-lovin' gal like me.

People either love pickles or they simply can't stand the sight of them. And if you aren't a fan of the eternally sacred pickled cucumber, the door is that way ( just kidding). But seriously, for all of my fellow pickle aficionados, Sam's Club is now rolling out 12-packs of OH SNAP! Dilly Bites, according to OH, SNAP! And honestly, they look incredible.

Each pack of 12 will cost you $8.98 each, and the packaging is filled with a minimal amount of brine (which means minimal spillage!), according to the brand. Like most delicious pickles out there, OH, SNAP!'s Dilly Bites are best eaten chilled. They're super crunchy, and are undeniably a tastier alternative to any potato chip, cheese doodle, or cracker out there. I haven't tried these pickles in particular, for the record, but I can basically guarantee they'll be a major crowd-pleaser amongst you and all your pickle-lovin' pals.

Sam's Club

And while they look good from the outside, just wait until you catch a glimpse of the pickles themselves. To be honest, the photo might not be safe for work. It's almost too drool-worthy.

Sam's Club

Oh, heck. Is this real life? These pickles almost look too good to be true.

Anyway, it looks like you might start seeing OH, SNAP! Dilly Bites in all of your friend's lunch packs. According to the brand, OH SNAP! posted a photo to its Instagram, letting fans know its pickles were going to be sold at Sam's Club locations across the country. And the comments show an unreal amount of enthusiasm.

In the Instagram comments, a number of fans simply commented with the drooling emoji, while others said things such as "YUMMMMM," and "Yes!!! Going to Sam's after work today!" So clearly, people are hyped to get their hands on these.

Oh, and if all this talk is inspiring you to show off your appreciation for the eternally beloved pickled cucumber, make sure to check out these pickle-themed items for you and all of your pickle-loving friends. Between a pin for your bag, a bumper sticker, and even some pickle-flavored chapstick (eek!) there are so many pickle-themed items to show off your undying appreciation for the highly snackable veggies. My denim jacket could definitely use that pickle patch, TBH.

Maybe you love pickles more than any other snack food. Or, you might simply be in search of a moderately-priced, on-the-go snack. Either way, Sam's Club's OH, SNAP! Dilly Bites Single-Serve Pickle Packs are the perfect nosh, and to be completely honest with each and every one of you, I could really go for one right now. These are truly a big dill.