Samantha Markle’s Latest Message For Meghan & Harry Is Not At All What You’d Expect

YouTube/Phil Noble - Pool/Getty Images

I really hope this is the last time Samantha Markle gives me something to write about when it comes to the ongoing drama between Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and her dad's side of her family. The duchess' older sister has issued a public apology for all of the drama she and her father have been causing since May, and Samantha Markle's apology to Meghan and Harry seems genuine enough, but only time will tell.

In an interview with DailyMailTV, Markle gave her apology to her sister, saying she's letting all of the drama go and that she's happy for Meghan and Harry's baby news. (Kensington Palace announced on Oct. 15 that Meghan is pregnant with her and Harry's first child.)

"I'm so excited, I'm so happy for you," she said, "and I really, really am sorry for any of the past tension and confusion and misunderstandings and asinine things I've said when I just didn't understand what was going on and I wanted things to work out for my dad."

She continued, "But this is just a great time for you guys and Meg, I love you. Congratulations to both of you. Let's just let it all go and you two be wonderful happy parents — I'm so happy for both of you."

It's pretty easy to say "let's just let it all go" when you're the one who has caused most of the problems, though. Just sayin'.

Markle then said the baby is what inspired her to drop her anger. "I was kind of overwhelmed with emotion and I just thought, I'm letting everything go," she said. While it's good that she's apparently deciding to cut the drama and stop attacking Meghan and Harry in interviews now that there's a baby involved, it does kind of suck that she couldn't do that for her little sister before a baby was even part of the equation.

"I think everybody really just needs to come together and realize this is really important and special for Meg, for Harry, for the child, for all of us," she added, "and we need to stop the sparring."

I guess I'm... relieved? Meghan and Harry have not responded publicly to Markle's apology, but when have they ever?

Kensington Palace announced Meghan and Harry's baby news on Oct. 15.

Markle gave her initial response to the baby news in an interview with The Sun and said, “It just makes everything that happened over the last year disappear."

She echoed that sentiment in her interview with DailyMailTV, saying, "It's beautiful and I'm so excited for Harry too." Then, in the most ironic moment of all time, she said that people just need to stop talking about the family drama and let Meghan and Harry be in their baby bliss. "Everybody just needs to shut the heck up and let this be a great thing for them, for the world, [and] for the family," Markle said. Pot, meet kettle.

This apology from Markle seems genuine enough, but she made it pretty clear in her interview with The Sun that she won't be happy if her father isn't included in the baby bliss moving forward. “I would hope that — for the sake of the baby, the family, the world, and my dad — that leaving him out of the statement was not intentional," she said, though it's worth noting that no one other than Harry and Meghan was named in the pregnancy announcement.

"I hope my dad is included and at a proper time," she added in a somewhat foreboding way. "If he is excluded, I won’t be happy. It is in the best interests of the baby for my dad to be included," she continued. "A baby changes everything and softens everyone. I would only hope that there would be some adjustment or some way of including him.”