Ryan Reynolds' Newest Commercial Stars A Familiar Fyre Festival Face

Aviation American Gin

Ryan Reynolds is not just a primary shareholder in the liquor company Aviation American Gin, as the spirit's newest commercial shows, he is also a very hands-on partner in crafting the alcohol's new look. Since buying stake in the gin company at the beginning of 2018, Reynolds has starred in a lot of hilarious videos promoting his liquor, but the newest Aviation Gin commercial may have the funniest and most unexpected twist yet. Ryan Reynolds' new Aviation Gin commercial is yet another hilarious bit from the actor, along with a very timely special guest.

The latest Aviation Gin commercial introduces the Ryan Reynolds signature bottle, a clear, etched bottle that includes Ryan Reynolds' signature. The new ad pokes fun at just how involved Reynolds was in creating these new bottles, showing clips of the actor blowing glass, painstakingly shaping the glass into bottles, and getting emotional as while etching his signature onto the bottles. While single-handedly doing all this work, Reynolds muses in voice-over about how far he would go for his company, concluding that he could never go too far.

And that line sets up the surprise cameo of the video: Andy King, the breakout star of Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened. King became an instant viral sensation at the beginning of 2019 after sharing his unbelievable story about preparing to exchange oral sex for bottles of water during the height of Fyre Festival's chaos, and his face quickly became synonymous with proving how far someone is willing to go for something in various memes. So when King appears at the end of Aviation Gin's new commercial to empathize with Ryan Reynold's determination at crafting the new bottles, it carries instant meme-able cache.

Check out the full commercial for yourself below:

The new ad marks the latest occasion that Ryan Reynolds has starred in video content for Aviation American Gin since buying into the company at the beginning of 2018. Since last year, Reynolds has starred in humorous videos advertising Aviation Gin that include him playing his own twin, goofing off with Richard Branson, and explaining the process of how Aviation Gin is made. And Reynolds' wife Blake Lively has also gotten in on the fun to help advertise Aviation Gin. In her 2018 murder mystery movie A Simple Favor, Lively's character of Emily will only drink martinis that are made with Aviation Gin.

The commercial also marks Andy King's first major appearance since unexpectedly shooting to viral fame after Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary was released in January. Shortly after that documentary premiered and King had begun to become a meme sensation, the event coordinator revealed to Vanity Fair that he was fielding several new career opportunities, including multiple brand partnerships with water companies and even some TV show offers. King said that he was pitching a TV show that followed him as he coordinated big events, although there have been no updates on this since he first spoke about it.

Aviation American Gin's Ryan Reynolds signature bottle is currently available for purchase through the company's website.