American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy Dropped A Major 'AHS' Season 10 Clue On Instagram

by Ani Bundel

It's the best and worst of times to be an American Horror Story fan. The series, which usually debuts in September or October on FX, has been delayed. Instead of returning in the fall of 2020, FX has confirmed that the new season is pushing back to 2021. But on the flip side, the cable channel has also greenlit more AHS in the form of American Horror Stories, a new anthology series of shorter episode-long tales. Since fans have to wait, at least there are mysteries to puzzle over, as Ryan Murphy's Instagram about AHS Season 10 contains a clue for the new season.

Murphy has always played it close to the vest when it comes to details for American Horror Story. Much like Game of Thrones, there's little in the way of spoilers, and half the time, what Murphy tells entertainment outlets about the upcoming season are only half-truths anyway.

So far, all fans know for sure about American Horror Story Season 10 is the cast list of returnees and the one new addition to the AHS family. They are:

  • Sarah Paulson
  • Evan Peters
  • Lily Rabe
  • Billie Lourd
  • Leslie Grossman
  • Kathy Bates
  • Angelica Ross
  • Finn Wittrock
  • Adina Porter
  • Macaulay Culkin

These names were announced in an Instagram video of the seaside, while indie country artist Orville Peck's "Dead of Night" played in the background.

Fans wondered if either of those details could be a clue.

Now Murphy has confirmed that at least one of them was. Check out the image he posted on Instagram, with the caption: "American Horror Story. Clue."

So what does it mean, other than a story taking place down by the shore? Fans have gone wild with guesses. Some theorize that the falling-down fence is proof of a storm, perhaps a reference to Hurricane Katrina.

For others, the question is which beach is this? Guesses place it anywhere from the New England coastline to the Jersey Shore to North Carolina's Outer Banks. There are also quite a few who think this could be a Jaws situation down in Florida.

It's striking there's an automatic assumption of it being the East Coast and not someplace along the coast of California, considering this is a sunset over the ocean, not sunrise, which would put the sea to the west, not the east. But perhaps that's just another theory to add to the pile.

American Horror Story Season 10 will premiere in 2021.