Ross Lynch & Jaz Sinclair's Astrological Compatibility Is Magical

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Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair might not have officially confirmed the dating rumors about them, but their social media profiles sure make it seem like the Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina stars are under a love spell. And spoiler alert: Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair's astrological compatibility is absolutely magical, too.

ICYMI, rumors of their love connection began in December 2018 when Sinclair shared a (since deleted) birthday message for Lynch on Instagram, in which she called him her “favorite.” But when asked about it by ETOnline, Lynch deflected, saying the whole cast just really "hit it off." Then, in April 2019, Lynch and Sinclair were reportedly seen kissing at a screening of Sabrina, according to US Weekly. Adding fuel to the fire, Sinclair and Lynch seemingly made their red carpet debut at the Balmain show in Paris on Jan. 17. Clearly, if you stan these two, you have plenty of reason to believe they're the real deal. But just because they're playing coy, doesn’t mean we can’t divine what their relationship might be like, based on their zodiac signs.

Lynch was born on December 29, 1995, under the sign of Capricorn, and Sinclair’s birthday, July 22, 1994, makes her a Cancer. At first glance, pairing a grounded earth sign like Capricorn and a highly emotional water sign like Cancer spells trouble. But these two signs actually create a surprisingly harmonious balance that makes them highly compatible and can make for a truly epic, magical love story. Here's what else Lynch and Sinclair’s zodiac signs say about their reported connection.

Their Attraction Is Powerful.

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Cancer and Capricorn are opposing signs in the zodiac, which means they're magnetically drawn to one another and tend to bring out the passion in each other. Although, to be fair, Cancer may take a little longer to get there, as they tend to be more guarded about the love they give. Fortunately, Capricorn is a patient sign, and willing to put in the work to achieve their heart's desire. In return, Cancer appreciates how seriously Capricorn takes relationships, which allows Cancer to open up their heart in return.

Their Connection Is Built On Mutual Trust.

Both signs have their own issues with trust in relationships. They can both be very suspicious of new relationships, as they've probably been burned before (in the case of Cancer) or felt like they wasted their time (in Capricorn's case). Neither sign is quick to forget how they've been wronged in the past, but when Cancer and Capricorn come together, their gut feelings tell them it's OK to invest their hearts in one another. Capricorn is a devoted partner, and there's almost nothing they won't do for someone they care about. Cancer's loving and nurturing nature means they're the ideal support system that ambitious Capricorn desires. These two are nothing if not a harmonious match.

They Might Struggle Over Emotions.

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Cancer is a highly emotional sign, since they're both a water sign and ruled by the Moon, the heavenly body associated with emotion. Their happiness can have a major impact on Capricorn, whose more grounded and steady emotions get a bit of a boost from Cancer. However, when Cancer gets moody, Capricorn has little patience for their emotional roller coaster, resulting in them shutting down and refocusing on their own priorities. Cancer, at best, sees this as a challenge in the relationship — at worst, they see it as a betrayal. Communication is the only way forward in this case. If these signs can find emotional common ground, there’s nothing that can stop them.

Only time will tell if Sinclair and Lynch’s reported relationship can weather those emotional storms, but one thing's for sure: The stars are most definitely on their side.

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