You'll Want To Watch Rihanna's No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial For Hours

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Are you looking for a new summer makeup routine? Do you want to have the hottest girl summer yet? Rihanna’s summer Fenty Beauty makeup tutorial will have you looking dewy and natural for all your summer activities, even if that just involves sitting in your backyard. Not to mention, the YouTube video, though less than five minutes, has plenty of amazing Rihanna content — something everyone needs since it seems like her ninth album will never come out.

Rihanna says this particular no-makeup makeup look she created is for situations like “when you’re on the beach or you just want to wake up next to your man looking like you don’t have on makeup.” Shockingly, I’m not Rihanna’s best friend, despite all my wishing, but seeing her act so goofy and do so many different voices made me feel like I was. She’s clearly having so much fun in this tutorial; I hope that means she’ll do more. If you like to go more natural with your beauty routine, this is an easy route to follow.

She starts the video by showing off Fenty Beauty’s new Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Bronzer ($32, Fenty Beauty). The product works well with a brush, sponge, or however else you like to apply your bronzer. Rihanna likes a brush since it’s more convenient, and she’s always on the go, but her makeup artist Jennifer says she prefers to use her fingers. Rihanna used both the Hunnie Glaze and Amber shades to contour, first applying Hunnie Glaze and then using Amber to shadow her contour a bit more.

Then, the singer debuted Fenty Beauty’s first-ever cream blushes. To start, she went with Petal Poppin’ Cheeks Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush ($20, Fenty Beauty), a soft pink shade, and patted it on with her brush “like a little paw.” You can apply as much or as little as you want because, as Jen says, it's “impossible to overdo.” Rihanna then showed off one of her favorite shades, SummerTime Wine ($20, Fenty Beauty), which is a shimmery berry shade, on her other cheek. To top it off, she put on a little Drama Class ($20, Fenty Beauty), a light violet color, over the color she had just applied on both cheeks. If you’re questioning using purple on your cheeks, Rihanna puts any fears to rest, showing how much the color sheers out. “It really just has such a sheer, beautiful effect. It works on every skin tone,” she says.

To complete the look, Rihanna applied some SummerTime Wine to her lips to add some color and finished off with the iconic Gloss Bomb ($19, Fenty Beauty). For her eyes, she simply put on Full Frontal Volume Lift & Curl Mascara ($24, Fenty Beauty). ”Everyone loved it, and everyone bought it. But it’s worth it.” Rihanna says. And that’s all it takes to be summer-makeup approved by Rihanna — five steps.

Whether you’re going to the beach or on a booty call, it only takes a few minutes to complete this no-makeup makeup look. The contour is quick and easy, the blushes go on smooth as ever, and the Gloss Bomb is already a cult classic. Even if Rihanna never comes out with her newest album, at least fans are getting some kind of A+ content.

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