Reviewers Are Totally Obsessed With These 41 Strange Products Under $30

It takes a lot for me to obsess over something. It has to pique my interest with a unique quality — and when it comes to the absolute best products on Amazon, it's also has be a great bang for my buck — and that's what this list of strange products under $30 is.

So part of the allure of these slightly odd products is that every single item on this list is affordable. Now, don't get me wrong — I love shelling out some money on a fancy new product as much as the next person — but my wallet is never happy with me the morning after. On the other hand, dropping some cash on a cupping therapy set that's only $25 feels good — and the product is raved about, too.

And while I'm happy to admit that my standards are pretty high when it comes to selecting the products to share with you, it just so happens that each item on this list has passed the test with reviewers, too. From a drying lotion that takes care of blemishes overnight to a fire starter brick that's waterproof, you really can't go wrong with any of these life-changing products available on Amazon.

Lifestyle — Reviewers Are Totally Obsessed With These 41 Strange Products Under $30

1. A Toilet Night Light With 16 Different Colors To Choose From

You can keep hurting your eyes every time you turn on the bathroom light in the middle of the night, or you could use this handy toilet night light so that it's easy to find the toilet without using the ceiling light. This light features 16 different colors that illuminate your toilet bowl, or you can set it to the rotating carousel mode to enjoy them all. The soft PVC neck is flexible so that it can fit onto practically any toilet, and there are five levels of brightness to choose from.

2. The Miniature Griddle That's Perfect For Cramped Kitchens

It doesn't matter whether you're trying to cook food in a cramped kitchen, RV, dorm, or even at the office — as this lightweight miniature griddle from DASH can handle pancakes, grilled cheese, paninis, and more. Unlike competing griddles, this one heats up in just a few minutes, plus both of the heating surfaces are non-stick so that you won't have to worry about your food becoming glued to it.

3. A Wine Aerator That's Small Enough To Fit Into Your Purse

Perfect for spicing up a cheap glass of red wine at home or at restaurants, this wine aerator is so compact that you can easily keep it in your purse or bag to use anytime. This wine aerator also helps improve the flavor of white and port wines, plus each order also comes with two AAA batteries. It only takes about 30 seconds for your glass to become completely aerated, and it works perfectly as a gift for any happy hour aficionado.

4. The Cupping Set Made From Antibacterial Silicone

If you struggle with joint pain, arthritis, or even fibromyalgia, this silicone cupping therapy set can help alleviate pain without the use of any harsh chemicals. Unlike competing cupping sets, this one is made from durable silicone instead of glass — plus, it's naturally antibacterial so you don't have to worry about germs and bacteria taking hold. Each order comes with 10 cups, as well as a convenient carrying case.

5. The Hot Cacao Powder That Helps Improve Your Sleep

Unlike regular hot cocoa mixes, this cacao mix is made with organic Reishi mushroom powder that is supposed to alleviate stress so that you can have a peaceful night of sleep. The added coconut milk powder and spices give it a deeper, creamier flavor than competing cacao powder (and won't taste like mushrooms) — plus, it's certified vegan as well as paleo.

6. A Lotion That Dries Out Your Blemishes While You Sleep

Anytime you have an unexpected pimple pop up the night before a big event, try using this drying lotion from Mario Badescu to quickly get rid of it overnight. All you have to do is dab this lotion directly on your blemish, let it dry, then wait — as you sleep, the sulfur and zinc oxide work to clear up the skin and reduce inflammation.

7. The Fun Stress Ball Shaped Like A Complete And Total Breakdown

Anytime you're on the verge of exploding, reach for this stress ball of a man curled up into the fetal position — then channel all your anger into him instead. This stress ball is made from soft silicone rubber that won't break no matter how hard you squeeze it, and it works great as a quirky conversation piece on top of your desk at work.

8. A Stainless Steel Pill Case That Attaches To Your Keys

This convenient pill case attaches directly to your key ring — which is a perfect place for the forgetful. This pill case is made from stainless steel that's resistant to rust, plus it's designed so that it's waterproof and air-tight. One reviewer wrote that it's "neither exceptionally bulky or heavy."

9. The Facial Toner Pads Made With Apple Cider Vinegar

Not only are they made with gentle apple cider vinegar, but these facial toner pads are also made with alcohol-free organic witch hazel so that they won't dry your skin out. The non-comedogenic formula is safe for all types of skin, plus they're great for helping to balance your skin's pH level as well as control breakouts. There are zero parabens, phthalates, or synthetic fragrances in these pads, too.

10. An Air-Purifying Bag Made With Natural Bamboo Charcoal

Most aerosol sprays only cover the odors in your home, but this air-purifying bag absorbs any unwanted smells so that you're left with fresh, clean air. This bag is made from 100 percent activated bamboo charcoal that's eco-friendly, plus it's large enough that it can cover an entire room. And if it ever loses its odor-absorbing power, all you have to do is leave it in the sun for about an hour to recharge.

11. The Travel-Sized Iron That Works Anywhere In The World

If you're tired of your clothes coming out of your suitcase all wrinkled, then make sure not to leave the house without this travel-sized iron. You can use this iron anywhere in the world because it's designed with dual voltage, and each order comes with a convenient travel bag and a measuring cup. It heats up in just 15 seconds, and there are three temperature settings to choose from.

12. A Pack Of Shoe Clip Lights That Keep You Visible At Night

Instead of wearing bulky reflective gear while you're out at night, put these LED light clips onto the back of your shoes to stay visible in the dark. These clips are designed to fit most shoe sizes, and they have a battery life of up to 100 hours. They're visible from up to half of a mile away, plus there are two modes to choose from: color-changing flash and a fast strobe.

13. The Fire Starter That's Completely Waterproof

Not only is it the perfect addition to any emergency preparedness kit, but this fire starter is also completely waterproof — meaning it'll work even if it's been submerged for an extended period of time. The lid slides open and closed so that you can control how large the flame is (which also helps conserve it for later), and it's able to burn for about 30 minutes when completely open.

14. A Pack Of Magnetic Key Holders That You Can Put Practically Anywhere

Not only do is the built-in magnet so strong that it can hold up to 3 pounds, but these magnetic key holders also come with super-sticky 3M adhesive so that you can attach them to non-magnetic surfaces as well. They're great for use at home as well as in the office so that you have a go-to place to store your keys — plus, you can also use them to keep track of your favorite pens, cables, and to keep your charger from falling off your desk.

15. The Tool That Takes The Work Out Of Dicing An Avocado

You could risk cutting yourself by slicing your avocado with a knife, or you could use this handy avocado cuber and get the job done in seconds. The wires on this cuber are made from stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and the ergonomic grip ensures that it sits comfortably in your hand. It's also completely BPA-free, plus it makes easy work of preparing tacos, guacamole, avocado toast, and more.

16. A Clinical-Strength Deodorant That Lasts For A Week

If you have hyperhidrosis — or if you're looking to keep your underarms drier throughout the day — try using this clinical-strength antiperspirant deodorant. This antiperspirant works by being absorbed into your sweat glands to stop sweat for up to seven days, and it's a great way to prevent yellow armpit stains from developing in your shirts. One bottle is enough to last for over two months, plus it won't clog your pores like competing doedorants.

17. The Aromatherapy Vape Pens Infused With Vitamin B12

Most people don't enjoy taking their vitamins — so why not get your vitamin B12 by inhaling it with these vitamin B12 vape pens? These pens are made without any nicotine, propylene glycol, or other funky chemicals, and each one contains 10 doses of B12. They're incredibly easy to use since all you have to do is press the button and inhale, plus the cool-mint flavor is refreshing on your tongue.

18. A Scrap Bucket That Installs Overtop Any Drawer Or Door

Able to hold up to 2 quarts of crumbs, peels, rinds, and more, this scrap trapper conveniently installs over the top of any kitchen drawer or cabinet door — no tools or mounting hardware necessary. It's made from ABS plastic that's exceptionally durable, plus each order also comes with a scraper brush so that you can move all your food scraps from the cutting board to the bin without getting your hands dirty.

19. The Dip Clip That Attaches To The Air Vents In Your Car

Eating in your car quickly becomes a messy affair, whereas using this dip clip will help prevent any dips for your fries and nuggets from spilling onto your clean interior. The silicone grip on the back attaches to your car's air vents so that your sauce is easily within reach, plus it's designed to be able to hold sauce containers from practically any fast food restaurant. And as an added bonus, the removable ramekin means you can also squeeze out ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard packets for dipping.

20. An Alarm Clock That Shakes The Bed To Wake Up The Heaviest Sleepers

Some people just can't wake up with a regular alarm clock, which is why this sonic bomb alarm clock is so loud it's comparable to the noise level of a jet taking off. This alarm clock also has a five-level dimmer so that the screen isn't too bright for you to fall asleep, plus it's features a 6-volt bed shaker to get you going in the morning. One reviewer wrote: "This alarm clock works wonders. It has 3 settings: alarm, alarms with vibration, or vibration alone. I personally just used the vibration device under my pillow and it feels like a gentle nudge in the morning in combination with my phone alarm."

21. The Shoelaces That You'll Never Need To Worry About Tying

If you have trouble bending over to tie your shoes — or if you know someone with limited mobility in their hands — these no-tie shoelaces are a great way to make sure your shoes stay on your feet. These elastic laces can be tightened using the sliding lock so that the fit is as loose or snug as you like, and one size is designed to fit all sizes of shoes. This is also great if you do HIIT or run a lot — and don't want to worry about tripping on your laces.

22. A Funnel That Prevents Accidental Spills As You Transfer Liquids

Unlike traditional funnels that you have to carefully monitor in order to prevent any leaks or spills, this unique funnel is designed so that you can easily attach your bottle to the top to ensure that none of the fluid you're transferring goes to waste. You can also pour into the top if you'd rather not attach the bottle, plus you can also use it as a steadying base when storing bottles upside-down.

23. The Strainer That Attaches To The Edge Of Your Pots And Pans

It's heartbreaking to see your cooked pasta slosh into the kitchen sink — so make sure none of your food spills by straining it with this snap-on strainer. This strainer is significantly smaller than traditional strainers which makes it perfect for kitchens with limited storage space, and it's designed to fit almost all round pots, pans, and bowls, no matter the size. It's completely BPA-free, and the silicone construction makes it exceptionally durable.

24. A Shimmering Putty That Will Never Dry Out

Sometimes you just need something to mull around in your hands, so when the mood hits, reach for this shimmering putty. Not only is this putty formulated so that it will never dry out — but it's also made from non-toxic silicone. You can stretch, bounce, tear, and sculpt this putty into whatever your heart desires, plus it even glows in the dark.

25. The Bag Hanger That Doubles As A Cute Bangle Bracelet

Setting your bag on the ground is a quick way to get it dirty, so why not use this convenient bag hanger to make sure it stays clean wherever you go? This bag hanger is made from triple-plated alloy that's designed to last for years — plus, it'll never tarnish. You can use this hanger to suspend your bag off of almost any flat surface, and it also doubles as a cute bangle bracelet.

26. A Pack Of Flushable Wet Wipes Infused With Vitamin E

Toilet paper technically gets the job done, but these DUDE wet wipes feel significantly softer on your skin as you wipe because they're infused with soothing aloe vera and vitamin E. Each order comes with 48 wipes that you can flush down the toilet without having to worry about the impact on your septic system, and the wipes are also sealed individually so that you can take them with you wherever you go.

27. The Car Air Freshener That Lasts For Over A Year

You could keep using those tiny air vent fresheners that quickly run out, or you could use this charcoal air freshener that's designed to last for over a year. This air freshener is made without any synthetic fragrances or plastics, as it's stuffed with 100 percent eco-friendly bamboo charcoal that naturally absorbs unwanted odors.

28. A Makeup Brush Cleaner That Works On Brushes Of All Shapes And Sizes

It only takes a few seconds for this makeup brush cleaner to get rid of all that caked-on foundation and powder stuck to your brushes — plus, it's designed to accommodate brushes of all shapes and sizes. There are three cleaning speeds to choose from depending on the type of brush you're cleaning, and each order comes with a brush spinner, charging station, and a splash guard ring.

29. The Fake Eyelashes That Utilize The Power Of Magnets

If eyelash glue has a tendency to irritate your eyes — or if you're looking for an easier way to put on fake lashes — try out these magnetic lashes made from premium synthetic fibers. Not only is there zero glue required to get them to stick to your lids, but the lashes themselves are also extra-long to give you a voluminous look. They're waterproof as well as reusable, plus they're lightweight so that they won't weigh your lids down. Reviewers say they're surprisingly easy to apply.

30. A Tool That Helps You Get An Evenly-Shaved Beard Every Time

Trimming a beard isn't always easy, so why not take the stress out of the equation by using this beard shaping tool? All you have to do is place this tool on your face, then shave along the edge in order to ensure that your lines are symmetrical and uniform. You can use this tool on mustaches and goatees in addition to beards, plus it's a great way to save money since it cuts down on visits to the barber.

31. The Facial Cleansing Brush Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Towels easily collect mildew if you leave them hanging wet, whereas these facial cleansing brushes are made from quick-drying silicone that's naturally antibacterial. The silicone design is also safe for all skin types and won't cause irritation, plus you can also use it to exfoliate away dead skin cells as well as remove makeup and dirt. The smart finger ring on the backside prevents it from sliding out of your hands while you scrub.

32. A Pack Of Bracelets That Repel Mosquitos For Up To 320 Hours

Bug repellent sprays can contain a ton of harsh chemicals, whereas these mosquito-repelling bracelets are safe to use and wear around people of all ages. Unlike sprays that wash off with sweat or water, these bracelets are completely waterproof so you won't have to worry about them becoming less-effective when wet, plus one size is designed to fit all. They're great for activities like hiking, fishing, camping, and more — and they're effective for up to 320 hours.

33. This Cooling Eye Mask That Helps Combat Puffiness

No one enjoys waking up with puffy, tired-looking eyes — so give them a quick refresher by using this cooling eye mask. This reusable gel eye mask can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer in order to help soothe under-eye puffiness, or you can pop it into the microwave for some quick heat therapy. The strap is adjustable so that you can customize how loose or tight the fit feels, and it's also a great way to soothe away pain from headaches.

34. A Toaster That Cooks Hot Dogs — Because Everyone Needs A Fun, Retro Kitchen Gadget

Instead of getting your pans dirty when you're in need of a quick meal, use this hot dog toaster so that there's practically nothing to clean up afterwards. This toaster can cook up to two hot dogs at the same time, plus there are also slots that allow you to toast two buns. The drip tray collects any grease or crumbs that fall off your hot dogs and buns, and each order also comes with a pair of mini tongs.

35. The Snail Extract That Adds Moisture Back Into Skin

If you're looking to soothe skin or add back hydration into your face, this ampoule of snail extract can do it all. All you have to do is drop a tiny amount of this serum onto your face, then tap it into your skin so that it gets completely absorbed. It's an easy way to help brighten your complexion.

36. A Pair Of Compression Socks That Encourage Blood Flow To Your Muscles

Not only does the cushioned heel and toe support keep your feet comfortable while you exercise, but these compression socks are also great for long plane rides because they prevent fatigue by encouraging blood flow throughout your muscles. The no-slip cuff at the top prevents them from falling down throughout the day, and many Amazon reviewers with varicose veins said that they even help soothe away pain. Available sizes: S-XL

37. The Foot Massager That Soothes Away Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

It doesn't matter whether you're suffering from plantar fasciitis, arch pain, or even just sore feet — this foot massager roller from TheraFlow will help stimulate your muscles to gently soothe away pain. This massager has a stable base that keeps it stationary as you roll your feet back and forth on it, and it's made from high-quality Theaceae wood that makes it exceptionally durable.

38. A Grooming Glove That Massages Your Pets As You Remove Excess Fur

Not all pets enjoy being groomed, which is why this pet grooming glove has a five-finger design so that you can gently massage your pet while the bristles remove excess hair and fur. This glove has an adjustable wrist strap so that you can choose how tight or loose it fits, however one size is designed to fit all. The back of this glove is made with breathable mesh so your hand doesn't overheat, plus it works on horses, bunnies, dogs, cats, and more.

39. The Odor-Resistant Scrubbers That Won't Scratch Your Surfaces

As seen on Shark Tank, the Scrub Daddy scrubbers are designed so that they're firm when in cold water for tough jobs in the bathroom and kitchen, yet soft in warm water so that you can use them on pots, pans, and other delicate surfaces. The vibrant colors make it easy to keep your bathroom scrubbers separate from the ones in the kitchen, plus they're odor-resistant for up to eight weeks when properly maintained.

40. A Laundry Bag That Lets You Dry Your Sneakers Without Having To Listen To Them Tumble

No one enjoys having to listen to their wet sneakers tumble and bang around in the dryer, which is why this laundry bag is designed with elastic bands that attach to the inside of your dryer door so that your shoes can dry without being tossed around. And as an added bonus, this bag can also be used to separate your intimates from the rest of your laundry in order to prevent damage to your more delicate items.

41. The Serum That's A Bright Blue Color

Not only is it safe for all types of skin, but this balancing face serum is loaded with milk thistle, blue tansy (giving it its unique color), and jojoba oils that help clear away acne as well as brighten up your complexion. The antibacterial properties in this serum are also great for helping combat acne — plus it also doubles as an anti-inflammatory. There are zero dyes, synthetic fragrances, or preservatives in the formula, and it's also cruelty-free. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.