Reviewers Are Fanatical About These 38 Weird Hand & Foot Products On Amazon


Have you ever heard that old classic "Get On The Good Foot," by the Hardest Working Man in Show Business, James Brown? He was nothing if not an original, and these unusual products from Amazon for your feet and hands are, too: They're all slightly, um, off the beaten path.

You've heard all the clichés, right? Put your best foot forward. Give me a hand. Well — when everyone's talking about your outer-most extremities, you know you'd better get them in order. Take action by getting your feet soft and exfoliated with a two-in-one soap and pumice bar. Or treat your hands to a moisturizing treatment with collagen gloves. Or get an ultra-intensive treatment for your feet with these gel-filled socks that really pack a punch when you sleep in them. Then there's the full range of therapeutic tools, running the gamut from a wooden foot massager to a three-piece grip trainer set that's available in various levels of resistance.

So don't let the fact that these stars are a bit odd concern you: that's what makes them the best-selling reviewer darlings that they are. You're going to want to treat yourself to a few of these products. After all, they'll make your feet and hands feel good.

This Foot Massager Is So Relaxing Your Feet Will Thank You

Crafted from prized Theaceae wood — a beautiful, durable tree that's related to the camellia and the tea plant — this massager provides relief that's just like getting a thorough tickling of your tootsies at the spa. The independently-moving rollers and acupressure nodules for you work against your heels to get that deep tissue reflexology, while gripping pads on the underside ensure firm placement on the floor.

The One Bar That Will Moisturize And Exfoliate Feet

Packed with shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E, the soap in this two-in-one marvel is emollient enough to nourish and moisturize your feet while cleaning them — and when you're done, simply flip it over to exfoliate with the pumice on the reverse while you're still in the shower. It's the double-duty spa treatment that fits right in your hand, and this award-winning all-star is now available in an activated charcoal model which uses that ultra-hot ingredient to detox your feet too.

The Odd But Amazing Gel Separators That Help Relieve So Many Common Foot Conditions

Give your feet a comforting, relaxing stretch with these unique spreaders. Crafted from medical-grade, BPA-free gel, they're inserted between the toes to provide a cushiony, gentle stretch that helps relieve the pain of common conditions like bunions, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, or chronic foot pain while also improving balance and flexibility. Use them for just 15 minutes a day to see a difference.

The Cream That's — Hands Down — The Best Solution For Sweaty Palms

Sweaty palms aren't just for high school dances — because many grown-ups deal with this condition as well. Free from all the bad stuff like parabens, phthalates, formaldehydes, and sulfates, just a tiny amount of this lotion applied daily stops that condition in its tracks. Quick-drying and featuring natural eucalyptus oil as well as moisturizing properties, it nourishes the skin at the same time as reducing and eliminating hand sweat.

These Silicone Gloves Keep Your Hands Soft While You're Doing Dishes

Isn't it kind of weird that prolonged exposure to water is so damaging to your skin? At the end of the day, you'd kind of think it would be moisturizing, but you're much better off wearing these gloves made from food-grade silicone when you're doing water-related tasks like scrubbing the dishes or washing the car. The silicone bristles are tough enough to scrub vigorously but won't scratch paint or delicate china — and the gloves are so durable they'll last for up to three years.

This Clever Device Proves Fresh, Clean, And Baby-Soft Feet Are No Longer Outside Your Reach

Golfers and anyone who rides a horse will immediately identify with this gadget — it's obviously modeled on the devices made to clean golf spikes and riding boots — but this one uses the same idea in a new and genius configuration to give your feet a good scrub when you're in the shower. The top level of the scrubber gets the sole of your foot good and clean; then insert it inside for a pumice treatment. Flexible suction cups keep the device rock-steady on the floor of your shower.

A $10 Device That Provides Relief For Conditions Like Arthritis And Joint Pain

Designed for sufferers of arthritis and joint and tendon pain — or just people who are on their computers all day — this massage device is equipped with rollers at either end of its handle to provide pain relief and boost circulation. On one side, the rollers surround a finger at a time for an individualized treatment that stimulates blood flow and lessens stiffness — on the other, a single roller enables the application of pressure to specific problem spots, relieving hand pressure.

This Mask Really Gets Down To The Bottom (Layer) Of Things

You may have heard of these foot-peeling masks, but you really won't believe the results until you try them at home. The initial results can be a bit misleading: After wearing the booties for about an hour, not much happens. However, wait a bit — and tough, dead skin on your soles will begin to peel off, leaving your feet like new. Over the course of about two weeks, you'll have the soft, supple feet you of an infant.

The Moisturizing Gel Socks That Hydrate Overnight

Lined with medical-grade gel, these socks release moisturizing essential oils and botanicals to nourish the hardworking skin on on your feet while releasing a pleasant and relaxing lavender scent. Simply wear them while you sleep just two to three times per week to relieve dry, cracked heels and calluses on the balls of your feet and your toes — it's like you're getting a spa treatment while you sleep, and the fluffy exterior is so cozy.

An Ingenious Hand Warmer That's Also A USB Phone Charger

How's this gadget for a cool little two-in-one wonder? Charge your phone out at the football game or camping, and you can get your hands warm at the same time, too — even on the shores of Lake Michigan in January. Or, even if your device doesn't need a boost, just slip it in a jacket pocket to your digits toasty warm while you're out walking the dog. Rechargeable and perfect for exercise during crisp fall and brisk winter months, it can run continuously for up to six hours.

These Moisturizing Gloves To Hydrate Hands

Indulge in an entry from the K-beauty crowd with these moisturizing gloves that use natural botanical extracts — including shea butter — to deeply nourish and hydrate. Hands are rejuvenated with soft cuticles, and nails are rehydrated and strengthened. Plus, unlike many, many other competing moisturizing gloves, these are touchscreen compatible, so no need to pull yourself away from your phone for the sake of beauty.

The Device That Goes On Your Hand To Relieve Headache Pain

Available in three colors, this gadget may look small and innocuous, but in reality, it has won numerous awards for the powerful hands-free acupressure relief it delivers to the LI4 trigger point. This stimulation is known to relieve all kinds of headaches — including migraines — and is also ideal as a source of all-natural stress reduction. It can be worn even while sleeping, and one size fits most.

A Cream That Will Get Your Nails In Amazing Shape, No Horsing Around About It

I wonder if we should just all adopt the beauty regime of thoroughbreds: They're shiny and glossy all the time, people fuss over them endlessly, and there are plenty of products out there dedicated to them. This cream is one such option — based on the blend used on equine hooves to keep them from developing cracks and splits — that will keep your nails from becoming brittle, splitting, and breaking.

A Footrest That Offers Comfort In The Work Space

I don't know about you, but I've certainly had my foot, legs, and even my bum fall asleep more than once thanks to a hard office chair. This footrest aims to solve that kind of hazard we computer-based workers face every day — without relegating us to standing desks by enabling us to get some exercise underneath the desk. Crafted from hypoallergenic medical-grade foam, it's designed to allow for all kinds of calf and leg stretches or resistance exercises and features a removable, washable cover. It's also just cozy to rest your feet on, too.

An Easily Portable Roller That Delivers So Much Relief To Your Feet

Studded with acupressure nubs, this foot roller serves the same general purpose of the foam rollers that have become ubiquitous these days: Self-regulated acupressure massage. While you can administer a foot massage with the larger full-body rollers, you can't throw that one in your handbag or your backpack. This roller is purpose-made for use on the feet and thus is small enough to take with you for use everywhere and anytime your dogs are barking.

A Wrist Rest That Stops Repetitive Stress Injuries From Computer Use With

Crafted from highly elastic silicone and available in four colors, this wrist rest is designed to help you stay safe from repetitive stress injuries while using the computer. Its soft, comfortable jellybean shape won't slide around on your desk and is designed to naturally accommodate the wrist and lower hand. "What did Goldilocks say? Oh yes, 'Just Right!'" wrote one five-star reviewer.

A Genius Device That Will Change The Way You Do Your Nails

This little marvel is a must-have for anyone who does their nails at home. You put the soft, flexible silicone gadget on your hand like it's an oversized ring, and then insert your nail polish bottle into the gemstone area on the top. The flanges will accommodate any size or shape of bottle, and hold the bottle still while you dip the brush in and out. It's even so secure that when you finish with one hand and are ready to move to the other, there's no big fuss — it removes without having to go over the nail.

These Ice Socks Bring Relief To Swollen Feet

If you've ever faced with swollen and painful feet, you know how they make life nearly impossible, and these socks can help. Made from nylon with a pocket running the underside the full length of each sock — and a half-size pocket on the top of each sock, they come with gel packs to fit in each pocket that can be frozen or refrigerated to provide instant relief for those who work on their feet all day. They're also popular for use while pregnant.

The Compression Gloves With Finger Holes

Developed by a doctor, these compression gloves are purpose-made to relieve aches and other symptoms swelling associated with arthritis and other hand conditions like Raynaud's Disease and carpal tunnel syndrome. Crafted from a nylon and spandex blend, their construction and range of sizes ensure a tight fit to caress the hands and deliver light pressure to soothe pain without limiting dexterity and function.

  • Available sizes: S-XL
The Splints That Relieve The Pain From Hammer Toes

Made from medical-grade, soft silicone gel and designed for wear inside your shoes, these splints hold your toes in alignment and keep them from rubbing together while you're moving. The lightweight construction of these unique, one-size-fits-all aids means they won't drag your feet down while you're on the go or make them hot, and they're stretchy and easy to get on.

A UFO-Like Device Will Strengthen Your Grip For Sports And Everyday Activities

Since they're available in light, medium, and heavy tension, one of these hand exercisers is a terrific asset in the regimen of any athlete, and of course, they're perfect for use by patients rehabbing from hand injuries as well as the after-effects of stroke and such issues. Musicians and data entry workers can also take advantage of daily maintenance with one of these durable silicone devices.

This Cold Therapy Wrap That Targets Fatigued Hands Or The Arches Of Your Feet

This cold therapy wrap can be used on your hands or your feet — and the set comes with two. It's great to provide easy, targeted relief, adds light compression, and comes with a hook closure for the perfect fit.

The Gloves That Will Give You An Easy-To-Use Exfoliating Treatment In The Shower

Made from nylon crepe that's covered with ridges and loops for a gently exfoliating treatment, these gloves are designed for use in the shower for a revitalizing scrub-down that also promotes increased circulation, lymphatic drainage, and detoxification. Suitable for all skin types, they're great for use on their own or paired with salt or sugar scrubs — or your favorite shower gel.

A Stress Ball That Will Always Be There For You No Matter Where You're Flipping Out

So you loved that stress ball you got from corporate and kept on your desk at the office, right? It helped you think — until you lost it. Fret no more: Grab one of these handy stress balls on a string so you'll never be without one again. They're available in soft, medium, and a three-pack for those Friday afternoons when you just can't.

A Grip Strength Training Set That Offers Lots Of Options For Your Workout

Great for athletes as well as those recovering from hand injuries and illnesses, these rings also deliver plenty of flexion and exercise to your forearms to support the hands and wrists during use. Made from BPA-free silicone that's comfortable during exercise and resists tearing and ripping, they're quiet enough to use while on the phone during a conference call or while watching television, and can be taken on the road while you're traveling.

The Compression Sleeves That Aren't Only Great At Relieving Pain, They're For Everyday Use, Too

Support your arches and relieve plantar fasciitis and other painful conditions with these compression socks that don't require you to wear the entire knee-high sock set-up that can sometimes be restrictive and hot. Available in nine colors, this FDA-registered design rises to just above the ankle and leaves the toe bared for better air circulation. Crafted with anti-odor, anti-static fabric, they're made with targeted ribbing for the kind of unmatched support and comfort that's preferred by doctors and trainers alike.

  • Available sizes: S-XL
A Star-Studded Ball For A Pointed Massage

Based on the lacrosse ball that so many people have used for years to relieve aches and pains, this ball has the additional advantage of raised, star-shaped massagers that will hit the trigger points on your feet and hands to provide active release. Just throw it in your bag and pull it out for use under your desk or at the gym.

These Sandals That Deliver Acupuncture-Based Relief

While they may look odd, the spring-loaded pressure points in the footbeds of these sandals are designed to trigger your acupressure points for instant relief — not only from the pain of many annoying foot conditions, but also ailments originating all over the body. Place pressure on them while building up to about 15 minutes of therapeutic wear per day and see the surprising and delightful effects spread.

A Wrap To Provide Stability And Comfort For Your Wrist

Not your grandma's wrist brace, this therapy brace features a hot and cold pack that can be tossed in the freezer or refrigerator or briefly microwaved to augment its rehabilitative benefits. Designed for use either on your left or your right hand, its stretchable neoprene construction is flexible enough to permit range of motion but provides sturdy reinforcement that's comfortable enough for all-day, everyday use.

A Heel And Hand Treatment That Gives Calluses A Run For Their Money

Packed with urea — which is beloved by hand and foot experts for its moisturizing, rehydrating qualities — this cream is a renewing blend of ingredients that not only heals dry, cracked skin but is anti-fungal and anti-microbial, too. Safe for diabetics, it provides quick relief for even the most intense cases of calluses on both hands and feet, while also removing corns and generally rehabilitating the overall quality of skin on your extremities.

This Soothing Cream That Heals Chapped, Dry Hands

Psoriasis and eczema sufferers and even folks who have more rare conditions like xerosis have found plenty of soothing relief in this cream, which means you can be sure that your dry, chapped hands will be no match for its moisturizing, nourishing power. Though it's thicker and richer than lotion, it's not greasy, and symptoms like itching and redness recede in as little as a day.

A Delightful, Minty-Smelling Spray For You Shoes

Replete with the refreshing smell of mint, this daily spray fights foot odor by extinguishing it naturally at the source: A blend of essential oils including tea tree and eucalyptus kill the bacteria that cause unwanted scents to emanate from your footwear. It's paraben-free and includes no harsh, toxic chemicals, so you can feel safe using it on your whole family's shoes — and around your pets.

These Insoles Relieve Plantar Fasciitis And Prevent Bunions

Designed to improve foot and leg alignment, these insoles help to decrease the pain from conditions like plantar fasciitis and bunions — while also increasing circulation. Available in a panoply of sizes, their construction features a deep heel cup and a side structure that prevents you from walking on either the inside edge or the outside edge of your feet, so your back should feel better, too.

These Foot Pads That Are Said To Help You Fall Asleep

Place these weird foot pads on your heels before you climb into bed — and overnight, reviewers say they improve circulation, provide a more restful slumber, and relieve joint pain. When you wake up, the pads will have turned black, which adds to the mystery of the product — but reviewers swear they work. One wrote: "Product works great. Felt them working as soon as I applied them. Helped me sleep. Woke up with more energy."

The Cushions For The Balls Of Your Feet That Make High Heel Pain Disappear

If you own a pair of uncomfortable heels you love — these ball of foot pads are the solution. Place them at the base of any shoe and they'll cushion bunions, provide support, and prevent foot pain over time. They absorb shock and are even easy to remove without damaging the shoe.

This Convenient Pocket-Like Heating Pad

Whether you use it hot or cold is up to you — either way, this little sleeping bag for your hand provides some soothing therapy exactly where you need it. The glove is great for healing anything from sore muscles to hand injuries, and it weighs 1.5 pounds for some targeted, compression-based relief.

The Reusable Heat Packs That Are Much More Eco-Friendly

These little heat pads can be dropped in gloves or boots if you're outside on a cold day — and unlike other models, they're completely reusable. Just drop them back in boiling water for a recharge. They heat up in seconds, and are also excellent to place directly on the neck or back after a long day.

These Silicone Gloves Protect Your Hands

If you love cooking or grilling but always find yourself getting burned, try out these silicone gloves. They have a textured feel so things won't fall out of your grip, and they're heat-resistant and lined with comfortable, cool cotton.

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