These Purses Hold A Six-Pack Of Prosecco, So Someone Buy Me 2

by Daffany Chan

When I'm heading out of the house on these warm summer days, I always make sure to grab my seasonal essentials. It's a must-have to take my fashionista sunglasses, a wide-brimmed summer hat, and a comfy towel with me to getaways at the beach. But now, I'll have to add a new luxury accessory to the checklist. The new prosecco purse by ReserveBar and StickyBaby is seriously the hottest accessory of the summer. Not only does it amp up your fashion style, it also hits all your needs for drinks at gatherings with a grab-and-go style six-pack of mini Ruffino Proseccos. Here's how you can get your hands on this tasty (and fashionable) treat this summer and be sippin' at the park in no time.

If you're 21 and up and want a little treat to make summertime 2019 even better, look no further. The prosecco purse comes with six 187-milliliter bottles of Ruffino Prosecco, so you won't need to deal with the typical hassle of bringing cups for everyone on outdoor trips. Simply pass the cute bottles around and say cheers!

Starting the week of July 29, the prosecco purses are available for pre-order on the Reserve Bar website for a cool $100. There is a limited supply and it's available on a first come, first served basis, so you'll want to act fast and get your order in ASAP because the prosecco purse is getting tons of buzz. It's also important to know that the product is only available for delivery to California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Nevada and New York.

Let's be real, it'll definitely be a boozy hit amongst your friends. The Reserve Bar website describes the drink: "Bursting with the bright, fruity flavors of summer, Ruffino Prosecco pairs perfectly with sunny getaways and spontaneous picnics in the park." Bright and fruity definitely sounds like my type of drink while lounging out in the sun! Just remember to keep it responsible while you're having your fizzy fun.

Even the bag itself is totally chic and stylish. The custom bag is made by the Brooklyn-based designer StickyBaby, and the transparent tote is definitely trendy enough to tote around around town so you can show off its contents. What's more, it comes with a wooden handle that makes carrying the bag a breeze. Movable inserts inside the bag hold the bottles of Ruffino Prosecco in place, so feel free to carry these while bouncing around in the summer sun. But wait, there's more. IMO, this special feature of the bag is one of the most important that you should know about: It's waterproof! That means you can throw some ice in the bag if you want to keep your mini proseccos perfectly chilled and prepared for drinking once you reach your destination. (It's also great if summer rain decides to comes along and crash the party.) You can rest assured that your StickyBaby bag is highly durable and adaptable for whatever comes its way this season.

As the Reserve Bar website proclaims: "It's six pack season," and I'm totally on board. It's time to get my hands on a prosecco purse and finish this summer out with a bang.