Remi Ishizuka's New Quarantine Hobby Is Taking A Mustard Bath

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If your daily workout routine can use an upgrade, fitness blogger Remi Ishizuka is all the motivation you need to get up and moving. This workout queen serves as her fans' daily dose of 'fitspo, but it doesn't hurt that her IG feed is also filled with tons of dog spam, courtesy of her three adorable German Shepherds: Juno, Simba, and Ara.

Even amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Ishizuka and her boyfriend Nate have found ways to keep in touch with their followers through their live workouts. In the comfort of their at-home garage gym, Ishizuka says Nate is in charge of planning out the workouts for the day, keeping the focus on sustainability. "We program [each workout so] you can continue to show up and you're not working your body to full exhaustion every single time."

I spoke with Ishizuka about her dream me day and how she creates fun virtual workouts with her SO for Elite Daily's How I Take Care feature, which highlights how your favorite influencers, bloggers, TikTok stars, celebs, and activists are taking care of themselves RN. Here's what Ishizuka had to say about soaking in mustard baths and roller-skating with her pups.

Her zodiac sign: Taurus

Who she's quarantining with: Her boyfriend Nate and their three German Shepherds, their rabbit, "who is [the] alpha male of all the big dogs," and their two chickens.

What keeps them laughing these days: Talking to their animals

Her fridge staples: Nattō (fermented soybeans), kimchi, and cottage cheese.

One restaurant she can't wait to go to: Kato, for their Omakase menu.

Remi Ishizuka

She's not a regular dog mom — she's totally a cool one.

When I wake up, I skate the dogs on roller blades, so it kind of gets my heart pumping. It's a lot of fun.

Her fave dinner will make you drool.

[My go-to] dinner lately is all Japanese food, because that's what's comforting to me and what I grew up eating. I'm finding all these Japanese recipes to try and cooking — on my Instagram Stories — always to jazz music because it's relaxing.

I like [this hot pot called Mille-Feuille Nabe]. [Mille-Feuille] is a French word for layered cake. But [Mille-Feuille Nabe] is where you make a layered hot pot with Napa cabbage and pork belly, and it's so, so delicious. I can have it every single day.

Soaking in a mustard bath is her current obsession.

I've been taking mustard baths [every day], which is kind of like an Epsom salt bath. It helps with sore muscles [and smells incredible], and it just feels immediately awesome.

She's staying connected with her fans.

My boyfriend and I are hosting live workouts every single day, Monday through Sunday at 9:00 a.m. [Doing the workout at the same time each day] just takes all the guess work out. We're always [where we] should be, always on at 9 a.m. live. You can tune in whenever, and all you need is your body weight and a mat.

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