Reese's New Peanut Butter Cup Lovemojis Are The Cutest Valentine's Day Treats Yet

Valentine's Day 2019 is about to get personal, all thanks to Hershey's new holiday creation. I'm talking about Reese's new Peanut Butter Cup Lovemojis — because each package features an adorable emoji face that'll help you spread the love. Instead of giving your bae a box of chocolates or a handful of candy hearts, why not give 'em one of these? Between the candy's cute emoji-inspired packaging and chocolate-peanut butter taste, your SO might fall in love with you all over again (I know I would).

If you'd rather treat yourself with a bag of Reese's Lovemojis, go for it! TBH, I was thinking about doing the same thing. However, before grabbing a handful, you'll have to know where to buy it. According to Delish, Lovemojis hit recently hit the shelves at Target. In order to find your nearest Target location, head to the company's website, scroll down, hit "Stores," and then "Find a store." Once you're on the correct page and enter your zip code, city, or state, the website will provide you with a ton of Target stores close to you.

If you're trying to bypass a Target trip, you might be out of luck. Why? Because Reese's romantic creations aren't available anywhere else yet, per Target's product page.


If you're anything like me, you might have to dedicate one of your afternoons to a shopping trip just so you can buy a package of Reese's Lovemojis. I mean, you never know what you're going to come across during a Target run — so it's best to leave yourself with some time... right?


Now that you know where to buy the chocolates, you're probably wondering how much money they cost. Thankfully, Lovemojis are super affordable. According to Target's product page, you can buy a 10.2-ounce bag of packaged Reese's for only $3.59. Each bag contains approximately seven servings, which means you can spread the chocolatey love or keep 'em for yourself. Regardless of whether or not you plan on sharing your chocolates, you'll only spend less than five bucks on Valentine's Day. That's a pretty great deal, if you ask me.

If the cheap price of Reese's Lovemojis hasn't sold you on the product, then maybe a closer look at its packaging will. By the looks of Target's product page, the Lovemojis include three emoji-inspired designs that'll have you swooning. Those designs include the "star-struck" emoji, the "face blowing a kiss" emoji, and the "smiling face with heart eyes" emoji. In other words, there's a Lovemoji for everyone. If you're impressed with someone, hand 'em a starry-eyed Lovemoji. If you'd rather spread the love, hand out the kissy-face Lovemoji. The possibilities are endless.


Believe it or not, this isn't the first time Reese's changed its look in honor of a holiday. In fact, the chocolate-peanut butter candy got a creepy makeover for Halloween 2018. To celebrate the spooky season, the seasonal Reese's were shaped as ghosts and pumpkins. In addition to the cute shapes, the candy's packaging featured a scary Halloween scene.

If you'd rather snack on a chocolatey treat that's not so spooky, go ahead and treat yourself (or a loved one) with a Reese's Lovemoji.