Reality Steve dishes on how he finds 'Bachelor" spoilers for Peter Weber's season and beyond.

Reality Steve Is The 'Bachelor' Spoiler King, Here's How He Handles His Sources

Francisco Roman/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Anyone who watched Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor can tell you: It was like no other. For months, both Weber and Chris Harrison hinted the finale was going to be impossible to predict, but that never stopped Steve Carbone, famously known as Reality Steve, in the past. Typically, the TV blogger knows exactly how a season is going to end long before the rest of the world does, and he shares his intel with any fan who wants to know. This time was different though. In an interview with Bustle, Reality Steve's quotes about his Bachelor sources explain why Peter's season was such a thrill for fans, and give more context to his usual spoiling process.

"I almost kind of enjoyed the fact that I kind of didn’t know the ending or who [Peter] ended up with for most of the season," Steve told Bustle. "The annoying aspect was constantly being asked all season long, ‘Who did Peter pick?’ ‘Why aren’t you telling us?’ ‘Oh, you’re just holding out,’ or ‘ABC paid you,’ — it’s just an ignorant take; it doesn’t make any sense. This is a company that sued me twice. I’m not doing business with them, trust me." The feeling, according to Steve, is pretty mutual: "They hate me. They hate everything I do — publicly, at least. Privately, they love it."

When Steve started his blog in 2004, he originally just recapped episodes of popular reality shows. In 2009, however, he started utilizing detective work to find out the endings of the shows. After correctly leaking the ending of Season 13, he became an industry name virtually overnight — one that some fans love, other fans hate, and TV show producers seemingly tolerate.

“I’ve never done this so that people won’t watch the show,” Steve told Texas Monthly in 2016. “That’s not the point. It’s just a way to watch the show differently.”

While his first tip in 2009 reportedly came "out of nowhere," Steve now has a large network of spies who help him figure out what will happen each season.

"It’s about a five-question process that I go through with everybody who tells me something," he told Bustle, describing how he vets the tips he receives. "It’s like, OK, how do you know this? And when they tell me how they know this, [I ask], is that part credible? It’s not just that someone tells me something and I run with it."

In Steve's opinion, there's an obvious reason he's been spoiling season for more than 10 years, but wasn't able to crack Peter's finale until the very end.

"Production has a hand in every single thing," he claimed. "Nothing on this show happens organically. Just the way everything played out this season — what Peter was saying pre-season about how it wasn’t gonna be spoiled and there’s a reason for it — I don’t believe anything I saw [in the finale]. Nothing."

While fans might never know what really went down between Hannah Ann, Madison, and Peter, here's to hoping Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette has a little less in-law drama and a little more long-lasting love — whether Steve knows about it in advance or not.