Rami Malek Confirmed His Relationship With Lucy Boynton, & They’re So Cute Together

by Korey Lane
Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While it may seem like 2019 has been going on for years now, it's only just begun. The Golden Globes took place on Sunday, Jan. 6, and one of the most talked-about award winners has a lot more to celebrate than just that fancy gold statue. In fact, Rami Malek confirmed his relationship with Lucy Boynton a few days before the Golden Globes, and they make such a cute couple, you won't even be bitter that he isn't dating you. Yes, this Golden Globe winner is sadly off-the-market, but it seems as though he's found love, and it's 100 percent real life, not just fantasy.

For a while, Malek and Boynton remained fairly quiet about their relationship, but when Malek recently thanked Boynton in a public speech, it certainly seemed as though it was his way of slyly confirming their relationship. "Thank you, Lucy Boynton," he said while on stage to accept the Breakthrough Artist Award at the 30th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival’s Film Awards Gala on Jan. 3, according to Us Weekly. "You have been my ally, my confidant, my love. Thank you so much."

Malek's role as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody has been widely renowned, but it's brought him more than just career success. The movie is also what brought him together with Boynton, who played the role of Mary Austin (a muse and romantic interest to Mercury), when the two met on the set of the film in 2017, Us Weekly reports.

According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, "He is so into her. He goes and visits her in London all the time." Obviously, they're an adorable couple, and Malek's speech about Boynton was lovely, too. That was the first time Malek referred to Boynton publicly as his "love," and it was kind of a big deal.

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Now, his Breakthrough Artist Award isn't the only award he's won, and it likely won't be his last. During Sunday night's Golden Globes, Malek won for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama, for his role in Bohemian Rhapsody. It was a big moment for Malek, and it certainly seems as though his latest film project has brought him a lot of good fortune. Obviously, Malek's pure talent and passion for acting doesn't hurt, but Bohemian Rhapsody was such a smash that it made Malek even more of a household name.

Now, with Boynton by his side, it seems as though Malek is truly a champion on top of the world. The two both attended the Golden Globes, and were even reportedly spotted sharing a kiss at Fox's Golden Globes after party, according to E! News. Hopefully, that means the two will start sharing more photos of each other on social media, but if they don't, we shouldn't be surprised. Malek himself is a pretty private guy, only having ever posted three photos to his Instagram account, and he doesn't seem to be super active on Twitter, either.

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While it's exciting that the 37-year-old confirmed his relationship and seems seriously happy with his lady, this isn't the first time that Malek has fallen for a co-star. He was also reportedly dating Portia Doubleday, who worked alongside him in the TV series, Mr. Robot. The two ended things in 2017, according to Us Weekly.

Now, Malek is happy and in love with Boynton, and whatever way the wind blows, it seems as though they're sticking together. Maybe Malek will be able to give love that one more chance with Boynton. Perhaps she will be the love of his life. All we can say for sure is that Malek and Boynton are an adorable couple, have lots of potential, and are both on the brink of becoming even more famous than they already are. In short, they're crushing it, both together and as extremely successful individuals. What more could you want?