This Airline Will Transport You To Cloud Wine With Their Epic Food & Wine Pairings

by Kristin Corpuz

Whenever I'm taking a long-haul flight, there are a few things that are absolute necessities for me to have on the plane. Ample room to sleep pretty comfortably, a solid entertainment system, and electrical outlets to charge my devices are just a few. Things that go the extra mile to really put the cherry on top — like unlimited drinks and good food — can complete a stellar experience in the air. Luckily, Qantas' in-flight wine program will literally put you on cloud wine.

I traveled on Qantas the first time I went to Australia last year and had a wonderful experience. This time was even better, because I knew exactly what to look for. I was excited to take advantage of all the amenities the airline has to offer, including their extensive wine program.

According to their website, the airline offers wine from Australia, New Zealand, and Champagne, France, which was a real highlight for me. Though I don't know much about wine, I always appreciate the opportunity to try wines that are native to the destinations I'm visiting. I was even able to try some wines from Victoria, the state I visited during this trip.

Courtesy of Qantas

According to a press release, Qantas' "Sommelier in the Sky" program makes sommeliers available to passengers in all cabins (Yes, including economy.) so that you can make the most educated selections when you're pairing your food with your drinks. As someone who has flown in three different cabins on Qantas flights (all except first class), I can safely say the food is delicious on its own across the board — but paired with the right wine, it's taken to the next level.

In premium economy, I enjoyed a beef stew that was expertly partnered with a dry Cabernet Sauvignon (my absolute fave). It was the perfect meal for me to indulge in before I drifted off into a 10+ hour nap on my way to Melbourne.

I was also so excited to talk to the flight attendant about the Victorian wine offerings when I flew business class on my way back to LA. Because there were less passengers in my cabin, she was able to take the time to explain where the wine came from, why it would work with my food, and why she thought I would enjoy it. It was a wonderful ending to my trip to Victoria and Australia as a whole.

Courtesy of Qantas

In all classes on Qantas flights, you can try out your fair share of different wines in between your naps or movies. (I have no shame in saying that my best friend and I had a grand time with that perk when we flew economy to and from Sydney on our BFF trip last year.) I love that the airline offers such a luxurious amenity to travelers in every cabin, and that they embrace their Australian roots by offering an impeccable selection of wines.

The next time I head out on a Qantas flight, I'm definitely going to have to try the wine pairings again, because it's an experience that I'll never forget.