Prosecco Cake & Champagne Cookies Exist To Make Your NYE Party Sparkle

What's a New Year's Eve party without a little prosecco? Personally, it wouldn't feel quite right watching the ball drop without a glass of champagne in-hand, ready to be clinked at midnight. So, before we go any further, make sure somebody is bringing the bubbly to the biggest night of the year. *Patiently waits for texts to be sent to your group chats.* OK, let's move on with the party plans. This year, you may be inviting your friends to your place or attending a social event elsewhere, and want to make something sweet for everyone to eat. Look no further for a recipe, because prosecco cake for New Year's Eve exists and will make the night sparkle.

Arguably the best part of any party is the snacks — the chips, chocolate-covered pretzels, and sugar cookies shaped like snowflakes. The second that they're put on the table, you rush to grab a few bites. (Girl, same.) You load up a napkin with treats and balance your drink in your other hand, trying not to let a drip of that cool ranch dip drop on the floor. (Phew! Sometimes, it's a really close call.)

One of your other friends always asks, while biting into something made with peanut butter, "Can you send me the recipe for these? They're so good!" And this year at the New Year's Eve party, you'll be on the receiving end of that question. Everyone will rave about your champagne cookies and prosecco cakes — treats that are total game-changers and that you didn't know existed, until now.

With their cream fillings and golden flakes perfectly sprinkled on top, these treats will be serious competition to the disco ball in the room and truly make the party sparkle. Just grab a bottle of bubbly, review the recipes, and then get to baking!

How do you make a prosecco cake for your New Year's Eve party?

So, how do you make these treats that you're longing to bite into? Well, let's start by going over the steps to make a peaches and cream prosecco cake. This recipe from Better Homes and Gardens is the dessert you need for your New Year's Eve party.

First, put your dry ingredients into a bowl: flour, baking powder, and salt. Mix them up, then beat your eggs in a different bowl for five minutes. Add the sugar while the beater is still going, and be careful not to splash any egg on yourself. (An apron might be a good idea for this kitchen adventure.) Then, gradually add in the flour mixture that you prepared earlier.

Once that part of the batter is good to go, put the milk and butter in a saucepan on the stove. Warm everything up so that the butter melts, and then add it into the bigger bowl of batter with some almond extract.

Pour the batter into baking pans, dividing it evenly so that no one cake is bigger than the other, and put them into the oven for 25 minutes. Let them cool for a while afterward, so that you can easily remove the cakes from the pan.

Next comes the fun part: the prosecco. You're supposed to slowly pour the bubbly drink over the cakes and let it soak in for an incredible flavor. Wrap them in plastic wrap, and let the cakes chill for another two to 24 hours.

Better Homes and Gardens also instructs you how to make a delicious peach filling (which utilizes prosecco) and whipped cream frosting. Add fresh peach slices on top for garnish. Pretty easy, huh? For the full ingredient list and set of directions, refer to the Better Homes and Gardens recipe.

How do you make champagne cookies for your New Year's Eve party?

Now, the champagne cookies. Gather up your ingredients, and then follow along with this Tasty recipe to make a dessert that sparkles and shines. (Seriously, move aside, disco ball!)

This recipe starts immediately with the champagne, that should be boiled for about five minutes. Mix half of this champagne with white chocolate chips and heavy cream that has been microwaved, and use a whisk to create a smooth filling. Add butter, whisk until everything is well-mixed, and place the bowl in the fridge to chill.

In a larger bowl, beat more butter and sugar. You'll also add ingredients like vanilla, flour, and salt. Lastly, add walnuts to the mix, stir it all up, and then press the dough into a ball with your hands. This batter then gets placed in the fridge to cool for about 30 minutes. (Pro tip: Don't plan to make these cookies at the last minute, because of this crucial step.)

After the batter has cooled, create dough balls with the white chocolate ganache filling placed inside, and put them on a pan to bake. While they're baking, create the chocolate glaze for on top. Sprinkle the finished cookies with edible gold flakes, and you have made the best thing on the table at the New Year's Eve party — just like that!

What other essentials do you need to make your New Year's Eve Party sparkle?

Jess Craven/Stocksy

Aside from snacks and sweet treats, you should consider what else you might need to make this party sparkle. After all, you're ringing in an entirely new year, and embracing a new set of resolutions that will make this the best year yet.

Other than the prosecco cake and champagne cookies, consider getting a disco ball and lots of confetti for the night of. Get party favors like hats and glittery glasses that you can pose with for the 'Gram, too. Last but not least, pick up sparklers at the store for when the clock strikes 12. There's nothing like a mini firework and #fire dessert in your hands to make a New Year's Eve party just right.