Priyanka Chopra Defended Meghan Markle Against Criticism Like A True BFF

by Chelsea Stewart
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Priyanka Chopra isn't here for anyone who unfairly shades her dear friend Meghan Markle. While speaking to The Sunday Times on June 2, Priyanka Chopra defended Meghan Markle against criticism — and she didn't hold back in the slightest. If that's not the type of BFF relationship you strive for everyday, WYD?

If you've seen the headlines since Markle became a royal after marrying Prince Harry in 2018, it might seem as if the Duchess of Sussex has been unfairly targeted by the media. She's faced criticism for everything from her spending habits, to her clothing choices, to her social media posts — and Chopra, for one, isn't happy about it. While speaking to the newspaper in an interview published Sunday, June 2, Chopra called the criticism "unfortunate," and attributed it to Markle's biracial background.

“I’ve seen that and it’s really unfortunate. But if there’s anyone who can handle it, it’s her,” Chopra told the publication. “Of course it has to do with racism, it’s an obvious reason.”

“The beauty of Meg is that she’s been herself through all of this. A lot of people got to know her after everything, but I knew her before [she started dating Prince Harry] and she’s the same chick,” Chopra continued. “Now she’s got a real platform, she talks about the same things she always did.”

Nice, Priyanka. Leave it to your girls to set the record straight. It sounds like Chopra will always have Markle's back, and it seems as though she proud of the way the new duchess uses her platform.

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Chopra's comments are similar to those recently shared by George Clooney, who is also close friends with Markle and Harry. In a chat with Good Morning Britain back in March, the actor also addressed the negative media attention surrounding Markle, calling it "unfair" and "a little unjust."

“It’s a little unfair at times when ... I’ve seen it when the press can turn on you for sort of ridiculous reasons and for almost nothing, and it seemed to me to be a little unjust since she hadn’t done anything except just happen to live her life,” Clooney said of Markle.

He also noted that Markle is adept to handling the criticism because she lived in the spotlight as an actor before becoming a royal. “She was an actress long before this and she's been in the public spotlight for a long time,” Clooney said. “She's a grown up and knows how to handle it [the press] so I think she's absolutely fine. She's not a complainer, she takes everything in stride. They're a really good couple, they're really nice and they're really fun.”

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OK, seriously — Markle doesn't appear to bother anybody, so what's up with the extra backlash? Especially as of late, she keeps to herself, living a quiet life with her hubby and their newborn son, Archie. This actually seems like a time where she could use more support, given she's a new mom and all, so it's great to see a good pal like Chopra stepping up to defend her. Since royals usually stay mum on these types of issues, it appears Markle's close friends have taken it upon themselves to shut down the negativity.

Back in January, a source told Us Weekly that the then-pregnant Markle had been finding public backlash "incredibly stressful." While she's almost always kept a good poker face, the insider said that Markle at the time was “definitely bothered by all the reports and speculation” and noted “some things are just hard to stay away from.”

Of course, people have the right to say whatever they want. But as a heads-up, it appears that Markle's friends are taking a stand and won't be letting any more negativity about their friend go unaddressed.