Will & Kate's Post-Baby Body Language Reveals A Lot About Their Relationship

by Candice Jalili
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Now, I haven't had children of my own but from what I've gathered, it seems that the birth of a third child isn't typically surrounded by as much hoopla as, say, a first child. That is unless you're royal, and pictures of you and your SO leaving the hospital with your newborn baby are literally flooding everyone's newsfeeds even the third time around. Needless to say, I'm talking about Prince William and Kate who just had their third child. The pictures may seem like NBD upon first glance but Prince William and Kate Middleton's post-baby body language in the images actually says a lot about their relationship.

While the couple does occasionally seem to have moments of stress, Tonya Reiman, body language expert and author of three books on the subject including The Body Language of Dating: Read His Signals, Send Your Own, and Get the Guy , notes: "overall, in these "seconds in time", we see playful moments, gentle touches, genuine eye contact, close proximity and a sense of relaxation." Are you more of a specifics person? No worries, We've got you covered. We asked Reiman to analyze six of those images we've been seeing of them leaving the hospital.

Will is protective of Kate.
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"As they are walking down the stairs, they lock eyes, both smiling as Will extends his left hand to hold Kate's right elbow," Reiman explains. "With him being slightly above Kate (which he has done each time they came out with a new baby) and his arm extended, it is obvious that he is quite protective of her. This is another small showing of how strong their relationship is."

They're on the same page.
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"Here they couple looks slightly tense - Kate's left brow appears lifted which typically indicates disapproval or skepticism but we have no idea what she is looking at - she is not looking at Will and his face appears slightly tense as well," Reiman notes. "Aside from the facial expression, we see a couple holding hands with the insides of the two hands pressed together. The outside of Will's hand is facing the world and demonstrates a desire to protect Kate (and baby)."

But don't worry, guys, that tension their feeling isn't towards each other. "Their feet are in sync as are their steps," Reiman explains. "In this photo, if we look at their face, they seem tenser than usual, however, with their bodies being in rapport, one would surmise the tension is shared towards an outside party as opposed to one another."

They're happy together.
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"This is a simulated smile for the people and cameras, however, they are still completely in rapport which is a sign of a healthy relationship," Reiman deduces. "Note their right hands are similar in height and finger spread as they wave."

They have a solid relationship.
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"Here we see another posed smile, however when we look at the feet, we note Will's left foot is slightly angled toward Kate," Reiman notices. "Another sign that their relationship is solid. His arm is gently embracing her back which you can see in the reflection."

Kate adores him.
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"This is a genuine photo of affection. Will is holding Kate's back with relaxed fingers which demonstrates their closeness and comfortability with touch," Reiman explains. "Kate is smiling and looking at Will's face. The genuine smile she offers him is a clear sign of adoration and love."

They're truly in love.

While this photo is very similar to the one above, the presence of their feet in the image offers us an entirely new dimension to focus on. "We can glean sheer love from their feet," notes Reiman. "Here Will is pointing his left foot towards Kate and Kate's body is oriented towards Will."

In general, throughout the pictures Reiman points out that Kate is consistently making eye contact with her husband and offering him "sincere smiles" while he guides her gently. "This is a sign that shows she is comfortable with his protection," she explains. "She is in love."

For his part, Reiman notes that Will is consistently looking at his wife with warmth and affection while still making an effort to keep her safe as he guides her down the stairs. "They hold hands with his hand towards the outside - another indicator of protection," she explains. "He also offers his playful side by making a silly face at the baby. He does the same with the baby number three. In addition, he shows a playful side by making goo-goo eyes at the baby demonstrating his warmth and openness (which is clearly well received by Kate as she looks up at him smiling)."

The bottom line? They're literally perfect. Congrats to the happy couple on their third baby!