Prince Harry Opened Up About Impending Fatherhood In His Passionate Speech About Health

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Prince Harry is just three months away from becoming a father. The prince talked about the impending arrival of his and Meghan Markle's first child in a recent royal appearance, and Prince Harry's comments about becoming a father in his speech are going to hit you right in the feels. Overall, the speech was about the importance of younger generations learning early on that creating a better world for future generations should be a priority. Prince Harry's going full dad mode, people! It's happening!

He gave this speech at the Commonwealth Youth Roundtable at Lancaster House in London on Wednesday, Jan. 30. As a youth ambassador for the organization, Harry's speech was about emboldening them to be active in the humanitarian efforts in their communities.

"As someone who is about to become a father, I am acutely aware of our shared responsibility to make this world more resilient and its inhabitants more accountable for the next generation,” Prince Harry said in his speech. "The only way to see real progress is not by chance, it’s by change.”

He continued,

In all of these places, it’s been incredibly humbling to see how young people like yourselves are creating innovative and clever solutions to the diverse challenges you face — whether it be better mental health for everyone, eradicating extreme poverty and improving access to education for girls, or highlighting the very real effects and daily battles of climate change.

"All health is interconnected — our mental health, our planet’s health, the health of our communities,” he went on. "We do not survive, and certainly do not thrive without the acknowledgment and understanding that in addressing one problem, we are paradoxically solving another.”

We stan this environmentally friendly and mental health-conscious dad-to-be!!

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Kensington Palace tweeted more information about Harry's time at the Commonwealth Youth Roundtable.

"During the Commonwealth Youth Roundtable at Lancaster House," the first tweet said, "the Duke of Sussex hears directly from youth representatives about the issues facing young people around the Commonwealth and the plans they have in place to deliver change."

The second tweet said, "Youths Representatives update The Duke on their activities since the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting last year – and how they can maintain momentum as they work towards #CHOGM2020."

The last tweet featured a video of Prince Harry speaking with the youth representatives. "Discussing how progress is made," the tweet read, "these Commonwealth Youth Roundtable discussions offer a chance to reflect targets at the Youth Forum in 2018, an event that The Duke officially opened."

It's not surprising that making the world a better place for future children to inherit is one the top of Prince Harry's mind right now. Outside of the fact that this kind of activism is part of Prince Harry's duties as a royal, requiring him to constantly be meeting with people who are educated and work on these issues, but his wife is also literally bringing their first child into the world in, like, a minute.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their first child to arrive in a few months. The Duchess of Sussex confirmed to a fan at a recent royal appearance that she is six months pregnant and is due to give birth either at the end of April or early May, so Harry is no doubt feeling the pressure to improve as much of the world as he can before his little one arrives. No pressure!!