Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Are Reportedly Hiring Staff, So Brush Off Your Resume

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OK guys, I'll admit that I have fantasized about marrying into the British Royal Family ever since I could remember. I mean I only watched Princess Diana's wedding a thousand times as a child, which I still own a copy of on VHS by the way. But with the engagement of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, I've come to terms with this dream never coming true. However, it's come to my attention that the royal family is hiring, and this job opportunity right here would get me as close as I can get to making that fantasy a reality. Because it looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly hiring a full-time staffer. So serious question: Where do I send in my application, and how soon can I move?

If you're looking to potentially uproot your life and start all over this year, look no further. According to the Australian news site, the royal family, including Prince Harry and future royal Markle, are looking for a staff member to join their communications team. The job is being offered on a 12-month fixed term contract, and is being categorized as a "Communications Assistant" role according to the LinkedIn listing. When hired, the communications assistant would begin the role in April 2018, and wrap up the year-long tenure in April 2019. The entry-level listing reads,

Joining this fast-paced and dynamic team, you'll assist senior colleagues with both proactive and reactive communications. You'll organise coverage of set-piece Palace engagements including investitures and garden parties, and provide support as required for off-site engagements. You'll also play a role in producing content for a variety of platforms. From press announcements and media briefing notes, to social media updates and feature articles; you'll develop your skills as you take on each new challenge.

Oh yeah, did I also mention that this job will allow you to work out of Buckingham Palace?

That's right — Buckingham Palace. Can you imagine going to work everyday and having this as your office?! Talk about a dream come true.

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If you're worried about staying cooped up in the palace for the entire year (although I hardly think that would be a problem) I have good news. While the communications assistant would primarily be working out of Buckingham Palace in London, they will also have the chance to travel to other parts of the UK and overseas while on the job. Traveling the world while working for the royal family? This job opportunity seems too good to be true.

The best part about the gig? In exchange for your work, apart from your salary you will be awarded a "comprehensive benefits package" which includes 33 holidays off during the year. That's a whole month off — and then some! This opportunity is seriously the chance of a lifetime.

With Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding fast approaching, they'll surely need a ton of extra help to manage all of the press surrounding the monumental event. And they'll definitely be getting a lot of press attention during their first year as husband and wife, so it looks like Buckingham Palace might be hiring extra help in anticipation of that. Although the task does seem heavy duty, I can only imagine that the perks of working for the royal family will balance that out.

So get your resume ready and apply, apply, apply! But make sure that you do a thorough social media sweep of embarrassing and/or jeopardizing activity that could cost you the job. The listing clearly states that a clean image will be taken into consideration. Reads the job opening, "The reaction to our work is always high-profile, and so reputation and impact will be at the forefront of all that you do." I mean it is the royal family and they have an image to maintain. So this is not surprising at all.

What's surprising to me is that the royal family would put a job opportunity like this listed online. I seriously never thought I'd see "The Royal Household" categorized as a "company" on LinkedIn, but hey, changing times, I guess. So if you're looking for a regal opportunity filled with immense responsibility and a change of scenery, this is the perfect job for you. So what are you waiting for?