Pillsbury’s new Funfetti with Oreo baking line includes cakes, brownies, and more.

These 2 Iconic Dessert Brands Are Coming Together For A Sweet AF Collaboration

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Pillsbury

You can take your baked creations to the next level with Pillsbury's new offering, which brings together two iconic sweet treats. Pillsbury's new Funfetti with Oreo baking line includes cakes, brownies, and waffles that you can whip up in your own kitchen. It's a sweet celebration for home bakers.

Pillsbury announced the new Funfetti with Oreo baking line on Jan. 19. The collab brings together real Oreo cookie pieces and Pillsbury's Funfetti baking products, so that everything from your desserts to your morning bite will have bits of the iconic chocolate cookie.

The new lineup features five products, starting off with two special cake mixes. There's the Funfetti Vanilla Premium Cake Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces, which has a vanilla creme flavor that's inspired by Oreo creme and cookie pieces within the mix. Funfetti Chocolate Premium Cake Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces is a dark cocoa flavor and also has Oreo cookie pieces within the mix. To top off your cakes, there's even Funfetti Vanilla Flavored Frosting with Oreo Cookie Pieces.

If you'd like to make chocolatey bites, check out Funfetti Premium Brownie Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces. The mix comes with Oreo cookie pieces in a separate pouch so you can can add them to your brownies. Besides dessert, you can start your morning off on a sweet note with Funfetti Buttermilk Pancake and Waffle Mix with Oreo Cookie Pieces, which come with Oreo bits throughout the mix.

You can pick up the Funfetti with Oreo baking line nationwide at retailers beginning February, and the products will cost you anywhere from $1.30 to $4.00.

Courtesy of Pillsbury

To celebrate the collab, Funfetti is hosting a digital baking contest for fans. You'll have through Jan. 26 to submit photos of the most unique baked goods you can whip up using the new Funfetti Oreo collection. The contest will be judged by Kids Baking Championship host Duff Goldman and Kids Baking Championship former contest, Matthew Merril. If you win, you'll get a one-year supply of Funfetti products or $500 in cash, have your winning recipe featured on, and more. For more details on the contest, check out the Oreo x Funfetti Baking Contest website.

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