5 Pick-Up Lines That Actually Work, According To Guys Who Used Them Successfully

by Jamie Kravitz

Pick-up lines might feel cheesy or outdated, but thanks to dating apps, they're kind of making a comeback. While Tinder pick-up lines run the gamut from vulgar, to cringe-worthy, to just plain lame, every once in a while you find one actually working on you.

In my experience, a line's success rate depends on three factors: the quality of the line itself, the delivery, and of course how cute the person is. If the guy telling you, "If you were a vegetable, you'd be a cute-cumber" also happens to be yummy and refreshing, he's probably going to get your number.

Bonus points are awarded if the line is original, and he gets even more points if the line is specifically tailored to you or your interests. Sure, his opening message of, "I'm looking for a Stark in the streets but a wildling in the sheets" is a little forward, but at least he read your bio closely enough to know that you're obsessed with Game of Thrones. Jon Snow would be proud.

So you still don't think pick-up lines work? Here are five stories from guys that will prove you wrong.

This guy tests the limits right away.

I use, 'How hard would you hit me if I kissed you right now?' They usually don’t actually hit you, but if they do you smile and say it was worth it.

- Preston, 22

This guy wants to stay on your radar.

I was at a party and a girl I didn’t know was talking about looking for guys to hook up with. She started talking about the 'primary guys' she was going for. I overheard the conversation and told her that I’d be a good candidate for the waitlist. Throughout the night I’d head back and check to see where I was or if I moved up on the list. Eventually I asked, 'How am I doing?' and we ended up talking and fooling around that night.

- Josh, 22

This guy gets political.

I used to use, 'On a scale from one to America, how free are you to talk?' Most times it would start a small conversation.

- Andrew, 21

This guy is genuine, even if he is using a line.

I met my current girlfriend online, and after exchanging messages for a bit, I said I hoped she would be the reason I could stop looking for someone, and asked if she wanted to go out the next day.

- Edwin, 26

This guy pulls out all the tricks, literally.

I took a piece of pocket lint out and pretended as if it was on a girl’s shirt and said, 'Oh I just noticed this, hope it wasn’t there too long.' I ended up getting her number.

- Joe, 23

If this really isn't your style, don't worry. Not everyone is into pickup lines. Just ask this guy:

In my opinion the 'art of the pick-up' is predatory at best, and at its worst is a gross perpetuation of rape culture.

- Billy, 26

It's up to you to feel out the situation. As women, we have a sixth sense — one that detects creepiness. Some guys use pick-up lines simply because they're shy or nervous about approaching you. Others have more objectionable intentions. If the line feels harmless enough, consider giving him a chance. You never know where it might lead.

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