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Photoshopped 'Pretty Little Liars' Posters Were Severely Edited, Ashley Benson Explains


Fame is a weird thing, and it's arguably an even WEIRDER thing when you're a woman. It's no secret that the media touts a totally unrealistic standard of beauty, and still, many people strive to look like the women they idolize on TV. However, the pictures and videos we see of gorgeous, famous women often times aren't even accurate. For example, actress Ashley Benson says many of the promo images for Pretty Little Liars were severely edited. According to the star, photoshopped Pretty Little Liars posters regularly circulated during the show's seven-year run.

Benson says the problem began as early as Season 1, when she first started seeing posters of herself and her co-stars.

She told Stylecaster, "PLL had put up this poster and it was from our first season and it was completely crazy. Nobody looked like themselves."

She also broke down how seemingly endless the editing can be:

Plus, one can imagine the mindf*ck it is for the women whose bodies are being edited, considering there is already a massive societal pressure to look a certain way in the limelight.

In response, Benson has asked photographers to not retouch her at all unless it's a very minor edit. For her, it's important the public knows what is real and what's not.

She said,

In fact, Benson was so bothered in 2013 by a promo photo circulating for the show, she called it out on Instagram.

She wrote,

Her co-star Troian Bellisario immediately agreed. She reposted the photo on her own Instagram and added,

For Benson, speaking out against Photoshop is important for the young women who look up to her and her co-stars as role models. In fact, People even reports Benson was called "too fat" at a size two. (For reference, according to Forbes magazine, the average size of an American woman in 2016 was 16.) The star explained,

Benson added she does her best to stay off social media:

We couldn't agree more, Ashley.

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