These Gorgeous Photos Of The Blood Moon Will Give You All The Feels

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On Friday, July 27, stargazers gathered to watch as the lunar eclipse of the century lit up the night sky. And while the blood moon, which is what the longest total lunar eclipse in 100 years came to be called, sadly wasn't visible from the United States, photographers from different countries around the world were able to capture the red-hued planet as it aligned with the sun and the Earth during a process that took one hour and 43 minutes. Prepare to have major FOMO, because these photos of the full and blood moon will take your breath away.

Beginning in Australia and Indonesia before making its way across the eastern hemisphere, the blood moon made quite the celestial sight as it moved towards the sun after a partial eclipse. While the dramatic show sadly skipped out on North America, photographers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia were able to capture the moment the moon moved into the shadow of the Earth, and the results are so spectacular. TBH, I'm having some serious wanderlust seeing the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century light up the Eiffel Tower, a statue of the ancient Greek god Apollo in Athens, the Colosseum in Rome, and more in images captured by awe-struck viewers. While I'm still pretty disappointed that I wasn't able to see the moon turn red IRL, these photographs are definitely making up for it.

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Friday night's lunar eclipse began in Australia before making its way across the rest of the eastern hemisphere. Is it just me, or is it the perfect accompaniment to the Sydney Opera House?

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While the Red Moon could be seen across many different countries, one of the most spectacular sights was the red-tinged orb's entrance above Hohenzollern Castle in Hechingen, Germany.

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Chris McGrath/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Red Moon also made its way to the Middle East. How stunning does it look against the backdrop of the Hagia Sofia in Istanbul?

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I love this take on a dessert moon.

Taken by photographer Aris Messinis, this photo appears to show the ancient Greek goddess Hera and god Apollo in Athens engaged in a game of handball. It's easily one of the best optical illusions I've seen from the Red Moon.

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While it seems like everyone was mesmerized by the moon's transformation, Mars also got some face time from stargazers. It turns out that there was not one, but two crimson-colored orbs in the sky as the red planet also made an appearance during the triple alignment with the sun. Per CNN, Mars is closer to Earth than it has been in 15 years, and it was quite a sight to see.

Even if you weren't privy to arguably one of the best celestial shows of this century, at least there are plenty of incredible photographs circulating the Twitterverse for your viewing pleasure. However, if you're looking to get in on the eclipse action in real life, you won't have to wait very long. According to the, another total lunar eclipse will be visible across North America on Jan. 19, 2019, so get your cameras ready for a spectacular sight and a totally 'Gram-worthy image.