Peter's 'Bachelor' "Women Tell All" preview references #ChampagneGate.

Kelsey Has A Surprising Take On Champagne-Gate In This "Women Tell All" Preview


It's hard to believe, but we're winding down to the end of Peter Weber's journey to find love on reality TV. While Bachelor Nation still has a few weeks to go to find out who gets the final rose, Peter's Bachelor "Women Tell All" preview is here to give viewers some insight into the show's most memorable moments. IMHO, #ChampagneGate is arguably the most meme-worthy scene from the entire season — and Kelsey Weier's take on the whole thing is pretty surprising.

In a preview shared on Saturday, Feb 29 — ahead of the episode's planned air date on Monday, March 2 — Chris Harrison brings up the "pop heard around the world" that launched a thousand memes and had the internet freaking out. As a refresher, Kelsey Weier was less than pleased when she saw Hannah Ann Sluss had apparently hijacked the champagne bottle that she'd brought from home to share with Peter. While it's up for debate whether or not Hannah Ann intentionally took the bottle (or if there was some producer ~magic~), Peter tried to calm down a crying Weier by offering to split another bottle of champagne with her. It looked like everything was going to be fine, until Weier reached over to take a swig from the champagne bottle and it exploded all over her face. Unsurprisingly, she had a complete meltdown, and there was ~drama~ over the champagne situation in the house for a few weeks.

In the preview clip, Harrison asks Shiann Lewis if she thought that Weier's emotional reaction to the situation was justified, and the former Bachelor star doesn't mince words.

"It’s justified to an extent, but there’s a way to handle situations and I think how [Kelsey] handled the situation was irrational," she says in the clip. Now, most people probably wouldn't take kindly to being called "irrational" on national TV, but Weier was surprisingly calm while reflecting on the moment in hindsight.

"I would totally agree with that," she responded, as the audience burst into a round of applause. After agreeing she acted "[irrationally]" in the moment, Weier also defended how she felt, sharing, "I’m not gonna say that I was justified in my reaction, but I was just justified in my emotion."

The drama didn't completely end there, as Tammy jumps in and accuses Kelsey of "crying all day," to which Kelsey claps back, "Tammy, it's my time now."

Viewers will have to wait to tune in on Monday night to see how the rest of the situation unfolds — judging from pictures ABC has released, it looks like Kelsey could be getting a new champagne bottle from Ashley Iaconetti. While the #ChampagneGate will be laid to rest once and for all during the special, fans will also hopefully get some more clues into potential frontrunners for the next Bachelorette.