When Peter's In Love, His Body Language Is "Super Hot," An Expert Says

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Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor has been infamously controversial. From his heated arguments with Victoria Fuller to all the time he dedicated to resolving the beef between Alayah Benavidez and... everyone else in the house, this season has been frustrating, to say the least. But even though the drama seems to follow him everywhere, one thing's for sure: Peter Weber's body language when he's in love is passionate AF, and, according to one expert, "super hot." Need a drink of water yet?

Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, along with Patti Wood, body language expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, looked at photos of Peter with Hannah B., Madison, and Hannah Ann — the three women on the Bachelor franchise he has admitted to falling in love with. What they see is intense, sexy, and for some fans, maybe a little sad. Read on to learn more about what Peter's body language says about his connection with all three of the women he's loved during his time on The Bachelor.

Peter & Hannah Brown


When Hannah B. made an appearance at the beginning of Peter's season, she ended up confessing her lingering feelings for him, and it was a lot. But in this still shot of the two of them during the conversation where they decided to go their separate ways for good, the experts say neither of them was really ready to open up to one another again, so, maybe their breakup was for the best. (Sorry, stans!) “She may still have feelings, but she's protecting herself from him… she's not 100% in, here,” Brown tells Elite Daily.

While Hannah B. appears tense and like she isn’t secure in the situation, Wood says Peter’s body language still shows attraction. “Oh, he is good at acting hot. That gaze he is giving her [says], ‘Let’s get intimate.’ But if you look closely, he is wistful and sad around the downturned lips,” she tells Elite Daily. If anything, this body language seems more lustful than loving. Perhaps they really have moved on for good.

Peter & Madison


ICYMI, Madison told Peter that if he slept with Hannah Ann or Victoria Fuller during Fantasy Suites, she would find it difficult to accept a proposal from him. In this shot, Peter is apologizing to her for hurting her (he confessed to being intimate with the other women) and begs her to stay and fight for their relationship. As a result, the experts say the body language here is a mixture of passion and trepidation.

“This one is super hot,” says Brown, who is struck by their intense chemistry. “They're in a full embrace, noses almost touching, eyes closed just feeling the moment.” Wood, however, sees an undercurrent of emotional friction in this embrace — particularly on Peter’s part. “See how his head is lowered," she said, pointing to his facial expression, hooded eyes, gaze, and lips. "[It] is in contrast with his relaxed downward elbow placement and finger placement, which is curled at the knuckle in the last minute [before touching her] to pull back from truly connecting,” Wood explains. Clearly, they were going through it here. Their body language is connected, but tense. Nevertheless, you can still feel the intense love between them. (And if you watched the episode, then you know it was hard to miss.)

Peter & Hannah Ann


The tension of Peter's final decision appears to be weighing heavily on both him and Hannah Ann. In this photo of the two of them on their last date in Australia, “You can see her right shoulder pull down and away, and see how the left one close to him and the arm placement creates a block, and how she has her legs placed and crossed away from him, protecting her intimate pelvis further with her hands and the glasses. It’s so interesting because, symbolically, it's saying, ‘I put the glasses here for us to enjoy, but I am not serving all of me to you easily,’" says Wood. Hannah Ann may look a little guarded here, but Peter seems to be giving her his full attention. With his arm around her body, his hand on her thigh, and his gaze fully on her, he seems dedicated to their connection.

But Brown notes that Hannah Ann’s expression proves they're not on the same page. “She's got a look of worry and holding back on her face,” Brown explains. This makes sense, since later that night, she confronted Peter about how she feels as though he’s not giving her the validation she needs. Brown says that Hannah Ann is right to be worried, because when you compare this image with his body language toward Madison, his favorite is clear.

“My analysis says that [Madison] has his heart!” she concludes.

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