Peter & Kelley Are Moving To A Place Far From Barb After The Pandemic

by Candice Jalili

As soon as the coronavirus pandemic is over, Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan want to move to New York City together. On June 8, ABC premiered The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons and Weber and Flanagan made a guest appearance. During the appearance, the couple dished on their future plans with host Chris Harrison. "We are just really excited for the future," Peter, who's currently staying at his parents' place with Kelley in Southern California, said. "When this [pandemic] finally ends, we both have dreams. We'd love to live in New York City for a little bit and get that experience, so hopefully fingers crossed that's in our future."

New York is pretty much as far across the country as you can get from California where Peter's parents live. But Barb is still a super fan of Kelley's. In addition to making her love for Kelley abundantly clear on social media, Barb also chimed in on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons. "It's a dream come true. I love her," Barb gushed. "I love her so much, and she's the daughter that I've always wanted."

Luckily, it seems as though Peter is similarly taken by Kelley. "It's been great... I remember going in, and I wanted that love story more than anything, and I can honestly say, it worked out in the end," Peter gushed. "So, thank you. Thank you, Bachelor Nation for standing by me and all my craziness, but it worked out."

So, um, why did he bother with all of that "craziness" instead of just picking Kelley in the first place?

"Chris, you saw me on the show," Kelley responded after Chris asked if she ever confronted Peter about why he didn't pick her. "Sometimes I would get a little bit awkward and I struggled with being able to open up and moving a little bit slower and I could see he was frustrated with me in a lot of ways,” she said with a laugh, adding that “he had every right to be.”

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“Right before I got sent home I was telling him how upset I was because I got my white sneakers dirty,” she continued. “And now we laugh about it because he’s like, ‘Kelley, you’re supposed to be telling me how you feel about me and all you’re saying is how you’re upset that your sneakers are dirty!’”

Needless to say, it seems like they've moved past the sneaker incident. Honestly, this has been one incredibly messy ride but I'm happy Peter and Kelley got the happily ever after they deserve.