Peter & Hannah B.'s Astrological Compatibility Is So Good, I'm Crying

This season of The Bachelor has brought Peter Weber back for another chance at love, but before he had the opportunity to fully connect with the contestants in the house, he nearly got sidetracked by an old flame: Hannah Brown. Audiences witnessed them share an intense conversation full of tears, confessions of lingering feelings, and, of course, that almost-kiss. It was hard to see her leave the show because their chemistry is so obvious and intense. Peter Weber and Hannah Brown's astrological compatibility likely has a big influence on both the power of their connection as well as why she walked out the door.

Weber was born Aug. 4, 1991 under the sign of Leo. Brown's birthday is Sept. 24, 1994, which makes her a Libra. Both signs are brimming with charisma and warmth, so it's not surprising that they were immediately drawn to one another. Leo is a fire sign and Libra is an air sign; rather than putting out Leo’s fire, Libra's romantic nature and emphasis on harmony fans Leo's flames. In return, Leo’s emotional generosity helps Libra feel appreciated and truly cared for. As a result, when these two signs meet, they can quickly forge a deep bond. In other words, this connection is final rose-worthy. The only question that remains is whether or not Weber and Brown will figure that out in time. Here's what we can divine about their connection based on their astrological compatibility, should Hannah (hopefully) reappear later this season.

They Speak The Same Emotional Language.

ABC/John Fleenor

Libra, represented by the scales, is driven by a need for balance, fairness, and harmony. This attitude pairs perfectly with Leo, who is ruled by the sun, the heavenly body associated with reason. Both signs approach disagreements with a desire to find a fair resolution, and this shared attitude creates the perfect foundation for peace and mutual respect. Both signs are comfortable speaking their mind and are good communicators, especially when it comes to sharing their feelings and affection.

Indecisiveness And Ego Are Their Biggest Struggles.

While Leo and Libra are often on the same emotional wavelength, they still have some obstacles to overcome. Specifically, Libra’s indecisiveness (think Hannah talking about how she’s still unsure she made the right choice by breaking up with Peter), and Leo’s ego (ahem, Peter letting Hannah leave even though his feelings for her seem pretty strong) can present challenges. However, if Leo can set aside their wounded pride and Libra can trust in their partner, if not totally in their own gut, then these two can weather any storm together.

Their Sexual Chemistry Is Lit.

ABC/John Fleenor

There’s never a dull moment in a Leo-Libra couple's bedroom, as both of these signs have passion in spades. Leos are incredibly confident about both their appearance and sexual prowess, and they love to receive praise for both. They are famously generous lovers and expect the same attention and tenderness in return. Fortunately, Libras share this attitude. They love lavishing attention on their partners in bed and consider sex a spiritual and emotional experience, as well as a physical one. Both signs like to keep things light, fun, and frisky between the sheets, and neither can take themselves seriously for too long. Eventually, it all just turns into giggles and kisses for these two.

When you take all of this into consideration, it's easy to see why Brown and Weber are both having major second thoughts about separating again. Leos and Libras develop tight bonds, so it's heartbreaking to imagine the strength of the connection they're giving up. While episode two of The Bachelor ended with Hannah “catching a flight,” maybe the stars will align and they’ll finally realize they really are perfect for one another and get back together. Fingers crossed.