Obama's Photographer's Instagram About A "Witch Hunt" Is Some Perfect Shade

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In the wreckage of the Internet, sometimes you can find a bright shining star — and his name is Pete Souza. He went from being President Barack Obama's official White House photographer to becoming the Internet's favorite President Donald Trump troller. He's always on his game. For instance, Pete Souza's Instagram about a "witch hunt" is some perfect shade. Souza, you never fail the people.

As of Thursday, Aug. 23, Trump has sent out 127 tweets using "witch hunt," according to the Trump Twitter Archive. It's been the president's go-to terminology when talking about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 election. Needless to say, Trump tweeted out "witch hunt" yet again when his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was found guilty on eight felony charges on Aug. 21. While Trump might think that a "witch hunt" is every time one of his associates is charged, found guilty or pleads guilty, Souza has some other ideas.

On Aug. 22, Souza pretty much won the Internet when he posted a photo from a Halloween at the White House during the Obama years that shows a little girl dressed up as a witch waving to Obama. The post was captioned, "Witch Hunt during the Obama administration. #throwshadethenvote."

This Souza photo is extra perfect shade because of the fact that Obama didn't have any major scandals while in office — and definitely not anything at Trump's level. As far as I can remember, Obama wore a tan suit once that seemed to cause a stir?

As recently as the morning of Aug. 23, Trump sent out a 1 a.m. ET tweet that just said "No collusion - rigged witch hunt!" in all caps. Though it was a lone tweet, it's pretty safe to assume that it had something to do with the events of the week.

On Aug. 21, Manafort, who had been charged with 18 counts of bank fraud, tax evasion, and hiding foreign bank accounts, was found guilty on eight of those counts — the other 10 charges were declared a mistrial by Judge T.S. Ellis, meaning the jury could not decide on a verdict and Manafort may be tried on the charges again, according to CNN. On top of that, Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen also had a rough go of it. Unlike Manafort, Cohen actually pleaded guilty to eight charges of fraud, including making hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, two women who allegedly had affairs with Trump and were paid for their silence (allegations denied by Trump), a claim that might possibly implicate Trump as Cohen claims that he made the payments at Trump's instruction. Elite Daily reached out to the White House for comment about Cohen's claims but did not hear back.

While Trump didn't have too many nice words to spare about Cohen, he did tweet some sympathy for Manafort and his family. The president also tweeted calling Manafort's case a "witch hunt" and pointing out the fact that the jury couldn't come to a verdict on 10 of the 18 charges. "A large number of counts, ten, could not even be decided in the Paul Manafort case," he wrote in a Aug. 22 tweet. "Witch Hunt!"

That's only a couple out of the 127 "witch hunt" tweets out there. I think it's safe to say that Souza might have to dig up some more Halloween photos.