These New Sparkling Botanical Drinks Come In Summery Flavors Like Peach Marigold

Courtesy Of Petal

During the summer, I always make sure to pack my bag with lots and lots of sunscreen, a pair of super cute shades, and — most importantly — an ice cold drink. And while a bottle of cold brew never fails to be a sweet pick-me-up, sometimes a unique flavor of cold seltzer with all-natural ingredients is really all you need. So, if you haven't already had the chance to try Petal Sparkling Botanical Blends' new flavors for 2019, they seriously sound unreal.

Petal is a relatively new drink in the RTD market, combining bubbles, agave, and floral flavors in a single can, and to be honest, I'm obsessed. It sounds somewhat similar to a botanical-flavored seltzer, and according to the brand, it contains little-to-no caffeine (aka you can drink it all day long!), and it packs in a ton of natural antioxidants. The original flavors include Rose, Mint Rose and Lychee Rose, and although each of those varieties sound straight-up delicious, as of May 2019, Petal released each of its three new flavors — Elderberry White Tea Flower, Lemongrass Dandelion, and Peach Marigold — just in time for spring and summer. If you couldn't already tell, I'm excited beyond belief.

First up is Petal's new Elderberry White Tea Flower. According to the brand, it combines sweet and tart flavors, and it'll totally make you feel like the bad-ass kween you are.

Next up is an earthier variety called Lemongrass Dandelion. Per the brand, it's sweet and light with a subtle hint of lemon. Based on the description alone, can already tell it would be my flavor of choice.

Last up is the Peach Marigold flavor, for all my sunshiny babes out there. According to the brand, this flavor is light and fruity, like a bright summer day, with an herby hint of basil... perfect for sipping by the pool or on the beach.

Each of these new flavors will be available throughout all 60 Jewel locations as well as Gelson's stores in Chicago, Illinois starting April 20, according to the brand. Soon after, the new flavors will officially become available at retailers throughout California, Texas, and New York (hooray!). Oh, and if you don't live anywhere near a participating retailer, I have good news — as of May 1, you are actually able to order them on Amazon. They go for a suggested retail price of $2.99 each, and you can choose to get single bottles or variety packs, depending on if you're attached to a particular flavor or if you simply can't decide on just one.

Courtesy Of Petal

The Petal brand was started by Candice Crane, and entrepreneur and natural lifestyle guru. According to the brand, Crane is simply a gal on a mission, seeking to empower women and revive ancient, organic healing techniques. She gained inspiration for the drink from her grandmother, who sipped rose water and rose petal tea on a regular basis when she was growing up. Sweet, right?

Whether you're looking for something to cool you off this summer, or if you simply want to replace one of your daily coffees with something new, each and every one of Petal's new flavors sound pretty unbeatable. Picking just one flavor sounds nearly impossible, however, so I can safely say I see a few variety packs in my future. Cheers!