People Who Travel With A Backpack & Nothing Else Have These 10 Things In Common

Ever since you set up a fresh new backpack on the first day of school, you were probably in total bliss with its convenience and multiple uses. You love your backpack so much that you never leave it behind when it comes to traveling. You stuff whatever you want in it, and are all set to embrace the adventure. To you, backpacks don't get enough credit, and you're not alone, because people who travel with a backpack and nothing else have that mindset and so many other things in common.

Just think about it — you can strap a huge chunk of your life to your back and explore new places. Literally, your stuff has got your back. Sure, a huge suitcase might seem appealing at first, but there are so many tugging thoughts that are included in packing one. Did I pack this? Will this fit? None of those questions haunt backpackers, because they've got this travel thing down to a science.

You praise your backpack for its simplicity, but also for how easily it accompanies your wanderlust. It keeps all of your things in one place, and if there are valuables in there, it's never too far away from you. Aside from being accustomed to conveniently getting around, people who travel with a backpack have a few, if not all, of these 10 other things in common.

You Scoff At Baggage Fees

Since your backpack normally counts as your carry-on, baggage fees make you so uncomfortable. The prices can be astronomical, and you could use that money to, oh, I don't know, get a fresh, new backpack? You're all for cutting the costs while traveling.

You've Mastered Packing The Essentials

You're so used to packing minimally, because you already know exactly what you'll need and how much of it. Travel-size items are your best friend. You never over-pack, because your backpack has you covered.

You Cherish Mobility

Suitcases might have wheels, but there's nothing like the freedom of your own two feet. Carrying a backpack takes hardly any effort. You might even forget that your lifeline of things are in there.

You Use Every Single Compartment

No compartment is left unused when traveling just with your backpack. Yes, even that small zipper part inside the big zipper part is getting some TLC. Backpacks are basically a compartment wonderland.

People Are In Awe Of Your Packing Skills

Packing everything you need in one backpack might seem like sorcery to some people. Get ready for the questions reassuring if you have everything. You're used to it by now.

You're Used To Easily Locating Your Things

Need your toothbrush really quick because you overly indulged on the complimentary peanuts? You don't even have to wait until you hit the baggage claim. What is that, anyway?! You literally reach around and grab whatever you need. Now that's what I call peace of mind.

You Get Mistaken For A Student Literally ALL OF THE TIME

You get it. Because backpacks are so closely associated with school, you're basically embodying the life of a student by carrying one. Truth be told, you are sort of like a student, and adventure is your teacher. School is in session.

You Never Get Tired Of Throwing It Over Your Shoulder

Maybe it's the ease that's getting to your head, but throwing a backpack over your shoulder never gets old. Especially when you're traveling and it's a signal that you are off to your next location. Kill 'em with the shoulders.

You Aren't Too Attached To Material Things

Since you only pack the essentials, you have less of an attachment to material things. You don't need some super crazy expensive item packed with you. You're on the hunt for gems in the form of unforgettable memories.

You Can Actually Tolerate Airports

Your backpack is the simplest and most carefree item you can have if you need to use the airport for transportation. The airport struggles really don't phase you, because you likely never have to deal with the horror stories. "Carry-on item" is like music to your ears.

Using only a backpack to travel challenges most of the social norms and expectations, but you don't go through life being basic. You strap it to your back and let the good times roll.