People Who Are Vegan Wish They Didn't Have To Deal With These 7 Struggles All The Time

by Caroline Burke

When you're a vegan, you have a whole other set of problems to deal with than non-vegs, like the fact that you're compared to "normal" people as if you're wholly not normal for your health decisions. In truth, living your life on a primarily plant-based diet is a totally normal and healthy choice for most people. Still, it seems like some people view your decisions as if you're a Tyrannosaurus Rex running around the grocery store, wreaking havoc on everyone else's experience. People who are vegan have a whole set of struggles that you wouldn't even understand, unless you've tried a serious dietary shift in your own life.

Most people know about the no-eating-animals part of veganism, but it's probably blurry for them beyond that. The easiest way to understand veganism is through what it does encourage, rather than what it doesn't allow. Vegans prioritize healthy and wholesome nutrition via natural, plant-based sources, eating veggies, legumes, nuts, fruits and whole grains to get all of the sustenance they need. They can also still eat Oreos, but that's neither here nor there. Here are seven struggles Vegans deal with on a daily basis, which you could probably deal with by not treating them this way:

Meal Prepping Non-stop

You can never have enough Tupperware containers, can you? When you have to plan for your meals way, way in advance, it can be annoying as hell. After all, kale can only last for so long before it wilts into a very upsetting version of its old self.

Desperately Asking Waiters For Help

That awful moment when you have to ask the waiter if the meal you want is actually vegan, or if you're about to be tricked into eating ingredients that are a big no-no. Of course, the severity of veganism that people adhere to is all over the spectrum.

Some people who are plant-based might not mind eating animal-based products once in a while, as long as it's a minimum consumption. Either way, it's totally up to you and what your nutritional goals are.

Buying Things That Are Branded With Meat Puns
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OK, serious question: does a veggie burger actually have to be branded with a meat pun? Why can't a tofu Thanksgiving substitution be just that, rather than "Tofurkey"? It's just plain brutal, when you're buying these meatless concoctions on a weekly basis.

Dealing With That Obnoxious CrossFit Joke

How do you know if someone is [a crossfitter/a vegan/insert something niche here]? Oh, they'll tell you about it.

This is honestly one of the oldest jokes in the world, and it's just plain tired. Let's either get some new material, or let's cut the crap altogether and find other jokes to tell about new topics.

Explaining To People Where You Get Your Protein From

Um, from literally everything? The rumor that meat is the main source of protein is just plain false. You can get ample protein from nuts, veggies, grains and alternative milks, like pea or almond milk.

Plus, humans need way less protein on a daily basis than we like to think: according to Healthline, the average woman needs around 60 grams of protein a day, which can be easily met by a person with vegetarian needs. Check out this sample daily nutritional schedule from The Vegetarian Resource Group for more info.

Listening To Unsolicited Info On Their Own Diet

OK, why do people assume that someone wants to hear about their own food preferences just because they're a vegan? As someone who has been a vegan on and off for several years, I can honestly say I couldn't care less about what someone else eats, even if it's a similar nutritional decision as mine.