People Who Are Messy Can Hardcore Relate To These 9 Things

I'll be the first one to admit that I'm a messy person, and I've always been that way. I think my mom's favorite thing to tell me as a kid was, "Clean your room." I guess I never learned my lesson. Oops. I just have a problem with putting clothes back on the hanger after trying them on, and I'd much rather throw mail into a pile to recycle later, rather than now. It's not that bad — and I'm sure other people who are messy can totally relate.

I understand when you're just too tired coming back from your summer vacay to unpack right away. So what if your suitcase stays out for over a month? I have faith that you'll eventually get around to putting your clothes away. I also understand if the inside of your purse is a complete and utter nightmare. I'm sure Mary Poppins with her magical bag also has a tough time sifting through to find her chapstick.

You'll eventually get to cleaning up, when you find the energy. In fact, I'm here to tell you it's fine that you have a bit of a mess. As a fellow messy person, it's nice to know other people will most likely be saying "same" to these nine things. So, keep on keeping on. We'll get to cleaning up soon — I'm sure of it.

It's A Mess, But It's An Organized Mess

It may look like a chaotic mess to an outsider, but you usually know where everything is. You know that the pile over there is filled with clean clothes you intend to hang up. You also know that all of your important papers are in a pile over there on your desk.

When someone needs something, you know exactly where to find it. Other people lose their keys on the regular, but you know they're always hidden under your purse in the corner.

You've Felt That Utter Panic When People Want To Come Over

When you're out with your friends and someone suggests going over to your place to watch a movie, I know that utter panic you immediately feel inside. You want to race ahead to clean what you can. They may say, "It's OK," and they're messy too — but you still feel the panic.

When You Do Finally Clean Up, You Vow Never To Go Back

When you finally get that energy burst and manage to clean up, you are so proud of yourself. You make a vow to never go back to your mess. Unfortunately, it only lasts for a bit and you're back to your mess before you know it. You tried, and I give you some props for that.

People With Clean Apartments Confuse You

Seeing a friend's apartment that is totally clean truly confuses you. You wonder how they do it. Ultimately, you realize this person must not actually live here, because no one can actually live in apartment this clean all of the time, right?!

You Know How To Keep Your Pile Of Clean Clothes Away From Your Dirty One
Aleksandra Kovac/Stocksy

You have a pile of dirty clothes that needs to be taken to the laundry room. You also have a pile nearby that's made up of clothes you washed, but were too tired from doing laundry to hang up. You know how to keep these two piles separate.

You Throw Everything Into Your Room And Shut The Door When You Have Company

When people are coming over, you tend to throw everything into your room. Your bed becomes the go-to place to put it all. Tossing everything extra from the rest of your apartment into the bedroom and closing the door — now that gets the job done efficiently, am I right?

You Can Sleep Pretty Much Anywhere
Lyuba Burakova/Stocksy

You've learned to live with the clutter in your room. That means you've probably slept with a bed full of T-shirts you meant to put away. Like cat owners know how to sleep around their fur babies taking up bed space, you know how to sleep around piles of clothes you'll eventually put away. That means you also have a skill of sleeping just about anywhere. Nap time just got a whole lot easier.

You Walk Into IKEA Like It Can Change Your Life

IKEA seems like a great place. You walk in with so much hope. One day, you too will have a living room as fabulous as the showroom ones you see. You get optimistic picking out new furniture that will double as storage to keep all your things. Now, if only we could follow through with putting all of our stuff into those special storage spaces. Then, we could really live the IKEA kind of life.

You Love Your Mess, No Matter What Anyone Says

No matter what anyone has to say about it, you feel comfortable in your mess. Plus, messy people are actually creative geniuses. Therefore, if you are a messy person, pat yourself on the back for being the real MVP.